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Active Party Theme Ideas

November 26, 2015

Organizing a kid’s birthday party can be a very stressful experience. Children are notoriously difficult to please, and by the time you have found a venue that will accommodate the party without charging you a fortune, you are probably ready for a large glass of wine.

Some parents have the knack of organizing fantastic parties for their kids. They are able to tick every box and put other parents to shame. They don’t serve up junk food. Instead they provide a selection of healthy snacks the kids actually eat. And as for the entertainment – rather than opting for an Xbox party where the guests sit in front of a screen for two hours, these parents come up with a fun active party theme instead. So what are your options if you want your child to have an active party?

A close up of some grass

Swim Parties

Swimming pools can be hired for children’s parties, or you can host your own party if you have a pool. On a hot day, it’s the perfect theme for a fun party for kids of all ages.

Inflatable Obstacles

Wipeout rental is an option for older kids or teenagers. Navigating an inflatable obstacle course will keep them entertained for hours and you can provide prizes for whoever wins the race.

Trampoline Fun

Bouncing around on a large trampoline is fun as well as being great exercise. You do need to be careful, however, that there are not too many kids on the trampoline at any one time, or it could be dangerous.

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Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun all-year-round party idea if there is a venue near your home. Ice skates will be provided by the venue and if you book a party there, there will probably be an option to include food and drinks, too.


Rollerblading is just as much fun as ice skating, but not quite as cold. Again, roller blades can be hired at the venue and food provided if you book a party there.

Soccer Tournaments

Soccer is great exercise for boys and girls, but you do need to have enough kids to be able to form at least two teams. Take the kids to a local park and organize a friendly game, followed by a picnic and ice cream. The kids will have a ball.

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Climbing Wall

Climbing wall venues will usually allow you to hire out the place for a kids’ party. Full instruction will be given and kids can do as much or as little as they like, depending on their confidence levels.

Horseback Riding

Take the kids to a local horse riding stables and organize for them all to go on a pony trek. Most stables don’t expect kids to have had any previous experience, so even novices will be just fine.

Laser Tag

Laser tag parties are great fun for the Call of Duty generation who love to play first-person shooter games on video consoles. The kids can practice their skills in a dark room while you relax with a coffee.

Most activity venues are happy to host kids’ parties, but find out what they charge before you book.

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