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August 4, 2020

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One of the things that we chose to do with Piglet not long after the lockdown started was to ‘unschool‘ her. Instead of requesting to complete worksheets and activities provided by the preschool. We simply allowed her to learn through play.

At four years old she needed the opportunity to pick her own activities, to allow her imagination to run wild or be creative when the mood struck. Whilst she has a number of role-playing toys as well as access to a climbing frame. We were lacking somewhat in the creative and logical activities for her. This is why we have been loving the Meli & Ro Kids Activity Bag.

Meli & Ro Kids Activity Pack

Meli & Ro Kids activity bags have got fun sorted!

Meli & Ro Kids activity bags have got fun sorted! Designed to make your life easier wherever you are. Everything is tried and tested by their own little people to make sure they’ve got it just right for you! Now go on and imagine yourself on that sun lounger or being able to listen to the podcast you’ve been saving while your children happily play and learn.

Simply Rucksack

Available in a choice of three colours the simply rucksack comes with a subtle logo on the front making it a bag that can be utilised for lots of different occasions. Perfect for school, heading to the beach, visiting family and friends or simply holding all a four-year-old needs in order to head out into the garden. Comprising of an easy to open zip, which opens the main compartment wide providing easy access to activities and puzzles, As well as several pockets to store trinkets and treasures.

I have to confess that I loved the design of the rucksack so much that I ordered another one it’s own in a different colour – a girl can never have too many bags, an important life lesson for Piglet to learn early.

Meli & Ro Kids activity bags have got fun sorted!

Activity Pack

Available to purchase as pre-made kids activity bags around a topic/age group. Or as a custom order whereby you are able to add in the activities, crafts and puzzles suited to your child’s likes and interests. Piglet received a selection of products handpicked by Meli & Ro after asking me a little about her personality.

Arriving beautifully presented, I managed to take a quick peek before Piglet and was amazed at the range of activities included. With Piglet loving pulling each treat out of the rucksack as she discovered everything hidden inside. From a flower press, colouring activities, puzzles and games.

Meli & Ro Kids activity bags have got fun sorted!

Learning through play

Each of the items included offering Piglet a different way to learn through play. Threading pictures with laces, counting and matching, colour selection and discovering the world around her.

At home or on the go

These kids activity bags are fantastic for utilising at home during the lockdown, surviving the summer holidays or rainy days. As well as being perfect for taking with you when you are travelling in the car, visiting family etc. A great gift idea for birthdays and Christmas too with the ability to add in extra treats – you need to order the wooden trug, it’s adorable!

Meli & Ro Kids activity bags have got fun sorted!

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