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Let their imaginations run wild with the Smoby TeePee

April 23, 2021

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The Smoby TeePee is able to provide endless fun through its versatile and evolutive design. It has been designed to withstand hours of endless playtime; built from 100% PP UV-resistant plastic to ensure it is long-lasting and guarantees fantastic resistance and colour durability over time.

Buying things for children can often be a lot harder than we realise. There are, of course, the necessities that they need. Furniture for their rooms, a bed, clothes to wear, etc. But toys and things they can play with and use can sometimes be a difficult choice to make.

There is the mistake of buying too many things. So much so that they can be overwhelmed. Then there is the risk of not buying the right sort of toys that will stimulate them and help them use their imagination. However, while we may not always get it exactly right, there are often investment pieces that can grow with your child and have many uses and a teepee for their bedroom or playroom is one of them. 

There are so many ways that a child can explore when it comes to imaginative play and be given the chance of creativity. Sometimes a child just needs a little space to call their own, away from distractions and even a quiet place away from siblings. So if you are considering a teepee purchase then here is a little more information about how and why a Smoby Teepee could be the right choice. 

A little about the Smoby Teepee

One of the teepees that you should consider is the Smoby Teepee. Made from plastic the Smoby Teepee is a little different from some of the others you may have seen. As it is made of plastic, you have the comfort of it being durable and long-lasting. It might feel like a big-ticket item, but as it is the high quality you know that it has been made to grow with your child. 

Smoby Teepee - let their imaginations run wild
Ignore the grass – it needs a cut!

Key Features 

  • Dimensions – 183 x 147 x 140 cm centimetres
  • Material – Plastic 
  • Weight – 13kg
  • Adjustable sizing going from 1.59m to 1.83m – You can add an extra layer to make the teepee taller. Giving your child the opportunity to continue using the teepee as they get older. 
  • Suitable from age 2
  • A great item that can also be used not just inside your home but also outside due to the material. Giving your child plenty of options for imaginative play and quiet time to enjoy. 

Some of the imaginative ways your child might use the Smoby Teepee

It may sound like a great option for your child or children, but how might they get the most use out of a Smoby Teepee. Here are some of the imaginative ways they may play and get the use out of this item. 

Smoby Teepee - Elsa's Frozen Castle
Elsa’s Frozen Castle from the comfort of the living room!

A quiet reading area

Sometimes it can be hard for a child to concentrate and read their books, especially if you have a busy household and there are siblings to consider. A teepee can be the ideal safe haven for a child to get comfortable and enjoy their favourite books. As the teepee is made out of plastic, it also offers a little more soundproofing than some of the other material ones that you may find in the shops. So it will help your child to concentrate on the task that they are doing, and enjoy the quiet moment. 

A place to be creative 

The teepee can also be a great place for your child to be creative. Inside their teepee, they can be emersed in their own world and imaginations, which they can then put from their head to paper. Creating drawings, pictures, paintings, and other artwork, they can take the time in there to think about what they are doing and enjoy the activity. 

Creative chaos is never a tidy affair!

Fun in the garden 

As the Smoby Teepee is made from plastic, it does mean that it can be used outside as well as inside. Out in the garden the teepee can be used for all sorts of games. It can be a den, a place to play with their siblings or friends, and even an area to get out of the sun when things feel a little too warm. 

Role Play activities 

Another lovely idea for using the teepee is to encourage role play and imaginative play, and this is where the teepee can come into its own. It might be for teddy bear picnics, as a shop where the children can play shopkeeper, or even as a building such as a hospital where they may want to attend to their injured toys. It is a great unit to be used for all sorts of activities. 

A calm space 

Last of all, the teepee could be used as a calm space for your little ones to take a moment. It might be that they are struggling, finding things overwhelming, or just need to take a breath. The teepee can provide a safe haven for them to feel comfortable in their environment and take those important moments to themselves.

Garden time fun!

Why is imaginative play so important?

Imaginative play is important for a child as it gives them the opportunity to learn valuable skills. It gives them the chance to practice language and social skills and opens up the option of playing with other children or engaging more with their siblings. It can also help boost the development of their problem-solving techniques, which will be important as they start to grow up and develop more. The teepee itself may be used for different scenarios, but it can grow with your child as they get older. 

Why is it important for a child to have a space just for them?

A child can find things overwhelming at times or feel the need to have some time to themselves to be creative or even to think and rest. This is where a teepee can be that safe space for your child and a place they know they can enjoy. There are other ways to enjoy the teepee such as meditation and mindfulness as well as reading. A chance for them to be at one with their thoughts. 

Where can you buy the Smoby Teepee?

The Smoby Teepee is available to buy from Amazon and all other good toy retailers both in store and online.

Hopefully, this has helped you to be more informed of how the Smoby Teepee can be an excellent investment for your child. 

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