How Scooters Are Just As Fun For Adults

Not Just For Children: How Scooters Are Just As Fun For Adults

April 24, 2021

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Hot on the birthday and Christmas present list the scooter is often a “go-to” choice as a gift for many parents for children as young as 4 upwards. They are lightweight, small, foldable, and easy to carry or put in the car, and they can certainly be the better choice if your child insists on riding something to the park. Knowing full well you will have to carry it at some point. But while children have loved scooters for years, it is a growing trend where more and more adults, and specifically parents are embracing their inner child and investing in an adult scooter. 

Scooters for adults? Yes, really!

Yes, you read that right. Adult scooters. More parents are embracing it, seeing them as a great alternative to bikes and a fun thing to do. The great thing is that there are many different adult scooters that you can buy, all with their own benefits, looks, and durability. But, reading this, you might be on the fence. So this article will hopefully highlight some of the reasons why you might want to buy an adult scooter and get involved and diminish some of the common myths or obstacles you might be facing. 

How Scooters Are Just As Fun For Adults

Why might you take up scootering?

The main question to be asking yourself is why might you take up scootering? There might be many different reasons behind it, but the obvious reason might be to have something in common with your children. Especially if your child or children really enjoy it, or spend a lot of time scootering around places or in parks. However, there are a few other reasons why you might want to try it for yourself.

For fitness

Many parents will struggle to attend classes, work out in the gym, or even complete a run ordinarily. But while you may have decent fitness levels because you never stop, jumping on a scooter can actually be another way to keep fit. It might not necessarily burn off the same amount of calories as a Zumba class or 10k run, but there is an element of energy being used to scooter up and down and control it. As you push yourself along the path, you will notice it can be quite the cardio workout, and you are certainly using those lower body muscles as well. 

A fun family activity for the whole family

If your children love it, then why not be part of that joy? Having an adult scooter means that instead of the family bike ride you can scooter together instead. Some people prefer a scooter to a bike because it is a much more flexible option in terms of where you can go and how long you do it for. 

An alternative for the commute

If you live near work and already do commute by walking, then an adult scooter can be a great alternative. It can get you there in half the time. Some people use electric scooters along with other modes of transport such as buses and trains as they are so easy to transport. 

Great on the school run

If you want to add a bit of fun to the school run, then why not use a scooter instead? You and the children can scoot to school, and then you can scoot back. It can reduce the amount of time it takes and be a little mini-workout before the day has even begun. 

How Scooters Are Just As Fun For Adults

Common myths busted

Of course, like with most things, there will always be myths and questions you might have that might put up a stumbling block for making the purchase and taking the plunge. It is understandable that there might be many reasons why you haven’t consider adult scootering before. Here are some of the common ones. 

You can’t scoot uphill

Some people are under the impression that you can’t scoot uphill. This, of course, is not the case. While many human-operated modes of transport require much more effort to be used uphill, it simply doesn’t mean you can’t do it. In fact, it can actually be more of a workout to do it. Some would describe uphill scootering as the equivalent of a Joe wicks HIIT YouTube workout. If one of the incentives of getting an adult scooter was to get fitter, then scootering uphill is a great way to push your limits. 

You will look silly

First of all, we teach our children to not care about what other people think of us, so why should we be any different? But while as an adult you can be a little more reserved in your appearance, having a scooter and using it regularly does not make you look silly. Many people might not see many adults scootering in certain areas, but in others, it is a fantastic way to get around. More people are embracing it, so don’t let this be the reason that you don’t try it. 

Scooters can only go short distances

Like with anything, scootering will take a bit of patience and practice. At first, you might feel limited to where you can go and what you can do on your scooter. But it is very similar to how much distance you can run when you first start out. As you build up stamina, fitness, and confidence, the distance you will go will be further. 

It’s a passing trend 

Scooters have been around for decades. You only have to see how many children continue to want them added to their birthday and Christmas wish lists. So while you may think it is a passing trend, it isn’t going anywhere at all. Adult scootering has been around for longer than you may think, it is growing in popularity which is why you are seeing it more and more. As the years go by, and more people are open to it, you will see more people doing it.

Hopefully sharing these reasons behind why you might want to take up adult scootering has encouraged you to give it a go yourself. 

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