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This Spring, Get Exploring With Itsy Insulatez

April 22, 2021

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Wellies? Check. Coats? Check. Nappies, wipes, change of clothes, bottle warmer, lunchbox, insulating bag, snacks, coffeePhew! It’s a wonder that we make it out of the house at all! 

After what has been a particularly gloomy winter, stuck indoors without seeing friends and extended family, we couldn’t be more excited for Spring and the promise of sunnier days ahead. But, even at the best of times, we know that being spontaneous and making the most of those pockets of sunshine is easier said than done with small children in tow! 

Introducing, the Itsy Insulatez – an all-in-one insulated carry bag that keeps your food warm, cold or both! 

With its innovative British design, the Itsy Insulatez has reusable gel packs that insert into pockets in the bag’s sides. A removable central insert allows you to keep one side warm and the other cold or remove it completely for a larger combined storage area. 

We believe the proof is in the pudding, so instead of getting into the science behind our insulated design, here’s the simple breakdown of why the Itsy Insulatez makes such a great addition to your outdoor adventures. 

Lighten The Load 

As anyone with young children knows, we already have more than enough kit weighing us down! So, what makes the Itsy Insulatez different? 

While other lunch bags have a thin layer of reflective insulation and rely on a large, heavy ice-pack to keep the contents at a stable temperature, our bag uses reflective materials, foam padding AND slimline gel packs for better results. The colour-coded gel packs can be frozen or microwaved for 30 seconds to bring them to temperature, giving you the flexibility to use your insulated bag however you choose. 

With the insulated central divider, you can achieve different temperatures within one bag, so you can pack bottles of hot water and a warm lunch on one side while keeping yoghurt, carrot sticks and fresh fruit cool at the same time.

Ditch the various insulated bowls, cups, bags and ice packs that have weighed you down in the past. The Itsy Insulatez’ revolutionary all-in-one design and integrated carry strap are here to lighten the load. 

Freedom To Roam 

Spontaneity isn’t easy with young children in tow. After all, being prepared for nappy changes, bottle feeds, or hungry tums mean packing for every eventuality. And while the Itsy Insulatez can’t save you from a nappy emergency, it does give you peace of mind knowing that you can spend a full day away from home with ample food and drink. 

Never again will you need to plan your day around facilities where you can get hot water or heat baby food. Now, everything you need is at your side, so you can venture off the beaten track and create your own adventures. 

Itsy Insulatez

Waste Less, Save More 

We all know how important it is to make more sustainable choices, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! We’ve all been caught short when out and about, forced to buy emergency snacks for a hungry toddler. Well, with the Itsy Insulatez you’ll always have food at hand, reducing the need to rely on pre-packaged snacks and single-use plastics. 

The superior insulation of the Itsy Insulatez also keeps food at temperature for longer, reducing the risk of food spoiling over the course of the day. So, you may even find you have less food waste, as uneaten snacks can be popped back in the fridge when you return home. 

Perhaps best of all, the durable design of the Itsy Insulatez means you can continue using it long after the baby and toddler years. The insulated carry bag makes an ideal choice for outdoor nurseries, forest schools, or even taking your own lunch to the office! 

The Itsy Insulatez is currently available at at an introductory price of just £14.99. Get yours today!

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Itsy Insulatez

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