Winnie The pooh Tea Party

September 2, 2020

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With nicknames such as Roo, Tigger and Piglet for my children I would think that it’s fairly obvious that I have a little thing for the classic AA Milne stories featuring Christopher Robin and Winnie The Pooh. Around 30 years ago my Dad bought me a hardback copy of The Winnie The Pooh Collection. It’s actually one of the few things that I have from my Dad and something that holds fond memories for me.

Winnie The Pooh stories

There is something comforting about the different adventures that Winnie The Pooh and his friends have in the 100 Acre Wood. Looking out for each other and always someone on hand to help, support or offer advice. Something that I hope my three children grow up knowing that they have each other to rely on. As we as a host of childhood memories to replay to each other as they get older.

Winnie The Pooh Flopsies

Winnie The Pooh Flopsies

With time readily available at the moment we have been utilising our time to have fun together as a family. What better way to do this than hosting a very special tea party in the garden. A chance to invite some special guests in the form of Winnie The Pooh Flopsies. Providing us companionship and huggles throughout the tea party and beyond.

The cute and cuddly Flopsies are available in a range of Winnie The Pooh characters, including Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. They are perfect for hugs, cuddles and snuggles at bedtime or to bring comfort during playtime.

Winnie The Pooh Tea Party

A twist on the traditional teddy bears picnic with our Winnie The Pooh tea party featuring the much-loved characters – including my very own Roo, Tigger and Piglet! Grabbing the picnic blanket and settling it out on the grass, ready for Piglet to set up her Casdon Tea Set. Tea party etiquette dictates that pinkies must be held out when drinking, the cake must be eaten with a fork and bad manners will not be tolerated. It’s a good job that Roo and Tigger know that Piglet is a little on the bossy side otherwise they might not accept another invitation to join in the tea party fun.

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