11 Reasons why children should learn to play chess

11 Reasons why children should learn to play chess

February 2, 2022

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Children partake in a number of different sports, activities and interests, but let’s take a look at why they should learn to play chess.

As parents, we do what we can to encourage our children to get involved in different things. We join them up for local sports clubs, encourage them to join teams, and embrace everything they show an ounce of interest in. It’s what we do, right? However, while we may cover the basics like football, swimming, and dance, there is something else that should definitely be on the radar for your kids to learn and that is to play chess. But why? You may ask! Here are some of the reasons why children should learn to play chess. 

Why should children learn to play chess?

11 Reasons why children should learn to play chess

Gets them offline

One of the major reasons to consider it is that it gets your little ones offline. Instead of playing video games or being glued to their phones, they can enjoy a game that challenges them without a screen in sight. 

It provides exercise for the brain 

Playing chess is a workout for the brain. It isn’t a coincidence that some of the greatest minds are also very skilful chess players. Chess utilises the whole brain which can be beneficial for a young mind as the left and right hemispheres within the brain develop. 

Improves spatial skills

Chess helps to improve spatial skills. This means forward-thinking, analysing, and understanding future moves. It can all help in later life in terms of improving their skills in these areas. 

Can increase IQ level

There are studies that show that children who play chess regularly over a period of four months saw increases in their IQ levels. While there is no guarantee on this, the benefits of playing chess are strongly connected with improvements academically. 

11 Reasons why children should learn to play chess

Improves problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are vital for school-aged children, and chess can help children to develop those skills naturally. The game demands a level of problem-solving as you predict the moves in order to win the game. It can naturally help improve those skills in other areas of your child’s life. 

Increases creativity 

Chess can have a positive impact on the mental development of a young child’s brain. It can help harness new ways of thinking which could elaborate creatively in different academic areas for your child. 

Has a positive impact on memory

Memory can form a crucial part of the game of chess as it requires you to think ahead for certain moves and outcomes that may happen. The more you play, the more naturally the memory element of your brain will strengthen. The skills developed will naturally occur as your child’s memory improves in school. 

Helps with concentration 

Chess is a game of strategy and skill and can often go on for long periods of time. So there is no doubt that playing the game regularly will help boost concentration skills. Concentration and staying focused can be two things some young children find hard, so chess can be a great way to improve that. 

11 Reasons why children should learn to play chess

Teaches self-discipline

Patience is important during a game of chess. The strategy of waiting for the right moment to make your move. Self-discipline is important here as your child learns how to wait and build a strategy.

Good sportsmanship

Chess is a game that is based on two players and the best player wins. So it is a great skill to teach a child to understand that in some cases the better player won. They can learn from that and be positive about it. 

Can build self-confidence 

Finally, it can build self-confidence within your child. Being able to beat an opponent requires skill, strategy, patience, and skill, not luck. This can be such a confidence boost for your child. 

Hopefully, this has persuaded you as to why your child should learn to play chess.

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