Tefal OptiGrill – Restaurant quality steak at home

July 18, 2013
As a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel I am lucky enough to be able to share one of their latest product releases with you. Introducing the Tefal OptiGrill, offering restaurant quality steak at home…
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Key Features


  • Six cooking programs – Burgers, poultry, bacon, sausages, red meat and fish
  • Two special modes – Defrost and manual
  • Unique colour changing LED screen on the handle for checking cooking progress
  • Large 600cm2 cooking surface with non-stick coating
  • Power 2000W
  • 7 degree plate inclination for easy fat release
  • Extra large plates and juice tray, dishwasher safe
  • Brushed silver
  • Heavy duty handle

I don’t know about you but I find cooking steak a little hit or miss. I usually end up having to cut into it to see if it is cooked enough yet. As Mr Boo prefers a medium steak and I like well done I usually get myself in a pickle about which steak I added to the grill first in order for them to be ready at the same time.

The Tefal OptiGrill takes all the stress of cooking the perfect steak, everytime. Whilst it may have taken Tefal seven years to perfect the OptiGrill the waiting has not been in vain. The clear colour-changing LED display informs you every step of the way. From pre-heating, start of cooking (searing phase) through to rare, medium and well done.

Setting up the Optigrill couldn’t be simpler, remove from packaging box, slip off the plastic cover and foam sheets from the cooking plates, then plug in and off you go!

After switching on you simply select the cooking program for your relevant meat, for example, steak would come under red meat. Press OK and you will see the LED display turn to flashing purple to indicate that it is warming up. It takes approximately 5 minutes to warm up and once ready the alarm tone will sound, along with the LED display turning to a steady purple.

Once you have added your steak the LED display turns from purple to blue and the searing stage begins. The Optigrill is at it’s highest temperature at this point to sear the meat and lock in the flavour and juices. With no oil necessary it makes enjoying your favourite meat that little bit more healthy.

The alarm tone will sound once again to indicate that searing has finished and it is now cooking the steak to rare. Once the LED display has turned yellow the alarm will sound again to indicate your rare steak is now ready to be removed from the grill. For a medium steak leave the steak on the grill until the LED display has turned orange and the alarm sounds once again. For a well-done steak leave again until the LED display has turned red and the alarm sounds once more.

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Three steaks, one grill, cooked three different ways
One thing I want to point out with the OptiGrill it is not just for making steaks, there are so many other foods you can make and enjoy. This morning I enjoyed a lovely bacon roll, cooked using the OptiGrill, which for the UK versions of the grill includes a bacon cooking program. I like my bacon crispy so I simply left it on the OptiGrill until the well-done alarm sounded.
Over the years Mr Boo and I have had several different cooking grills, some more successful than others but one common problem faced them all… cleaning! Our current grill is a nightmare to clean and the only way you can get it cleaned effectively is to leave it switched on whilst you are wiping it with a wet sponge. I will leave you to ponder whether you think that is a great way to clean a hot grill.
The OptiGrill however is different, coming from Tefal it has the fantastic non-stick coating we have all come to know and love. If you are cooking say chicken and then you want to make some vegetable kebabs, simply squirt a little water along the top edge of the bottom plate and close the lid. The steam generated from the water will simply remove any debris that was on the plates allowing you to easily change food programs. However for a deeper clean, leave plates to cool for at least an hour after cooking, press the button to the left hand side of the plates, remove and either place in the dishwasher or washing up bowl.

With the six different cooking options I am left wondering if the OptiGrill is the perfect BBQ option??


Price and Availability

RRP £129.99 which is slightly more than you would pay for some other brands, however they do not contain the technology and sheer easy of use as the Tefal OptiGrill. For stockist information please see www.tefal.co.uk


Boo xxx


Disclosure Policy: I am a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel, I have received the Tefal OptiGrill FOC for the purpose of review.

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