What’s your personality type?

July 18, 2013
This morning whilst browsing through my news feed on Facebook I spotted a visual personality test that a friend had shared. I decided to take it as I’m always curious as to whether these tests can truly ever pinpoint your personality correctly.
The test is a series of questions and you answer by selecting the relevant picture you feel answers the question. It only took around 5 minutes to complete and I was surprised to discover my personality type…

You’re enthusiastic and positive. You’re someone who can always be relied upon to inspire others!

You’re well-rounded with a healthy attitude to life. Your passion and enthusiasm mean you thrive on new experiences and ideas. You value original thought and have a strong appreciation for arts and culture. Variety is definitely the spice of your life.

The results are then broken down into six sessions:


Sometimes life feels as if it’s getting to be a bit too much. You could probably do with letting off some steam. Don’t expect too much from yourself. After all, you’re only human.

I often feel as though life is getting too much, from juggling too many balls, coming across infuriating incompetent people and lack of sleep. Maybe I do expect too much from myself, but if you don’t aim high you don’t get anywhere. 


You mostly manage to get things done during your day, but perhaps you need to think about what you can change to reach your full potential.

This is very true, I seem to be easily distracted probably how I opted to complete this personality test instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing in the first place.


You really struggle to get moving in the morning. It’s hard to find the energy to get motivated, but if you can do it then the rest of the day will be much easier to manage.

I am a grumpy moo in the mornings, especially on a Monday. Mr Boo has learnt to keep out of my way and let me get on with the daily chores of breakfast, lunchboxes, getting children dressed etc. I snap, moan and whinge my way through from 6am to 9am.


When you’re in love, life somehow just seems easier to handle. Whatever challenges you face, you’re in it together and that’s all that matters.

Mr Boo and I haven’t had the easiest of rides (who has?) but somehow as long as we are standing side by side we manage to face things and life is easier when someone is holding my hand.


When it comes to success, you’re balanced and focused – your glass tends to be half full and you’re always happy for a top up! You see life as a marathon rather than a sprint, and tend to think in terms of long-term goals. You put lots of effort into everything you do, and get a great sense of fulfilment from the results. Dedicated and committed, don’t forget to let your hair down every now and again – a little treat is just what you deserve!

I’ve come to realise that I’m never going to be rich, I’ll probably never own a big house with a huge garden, so I have to make the most of what I have. This is why Mr Boo and I decided to start home renovations this year, we won’t be moving anywhere new in the near future but at least we can make changes to our surroundings.


Sophisticated and inquisitive, you have a real passion for art and culture. You believe in immersing yourself in interesting experiences that make you look at people, places and opportunities from new angles. Being sensitive and creative, you want to feel connected to the world around you and actively seek out opportunities to explore it. It’s all about broadening your horizons and living life to the full. Anything else would not fulfill your curious nature.

Not sure about the passion for art and culture but I my favourite film is Pride & Prejudice so maybe this is me wanting to escape into Mr Darcy’s world for a day or two. I am a very sensitive person, I really wish I could control my emotions better. I am a crier, over both big important things and silly little things… if you can tips on how I can control my tear ducts, please, please let me know!

Why don’t you take the visual personality test and let me know how you got on…
Is your accurate to your personality?
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I have received no products or financial compensation for this post, I am just sharing a curious personality test with you.

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