A house with a fence in front of a building

The Real Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

December 15, 2016

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People move house for many reasons be it for a new job, a growing family and even downsizing after the kids have left home. On average, studies show that selling our house is one of the most stressful activities in life ahead even of divorce, redundancy, and illness. For us, it’s a treasured family possession that has seen births, deaths, and marriages but to the housing market, it’s just another property that needs to be sold. Sometimes the market just isn’t having a good time but you may also be unwittingly contributing to why you’ve not received any offers yet.

A house with a fence in front of a building

It’s The Wrong Time Of Year

Let’s talk about when it’s a good time to put your property up for sale. Spring is probably the best time to attempt it, particularly when the garden’s looking good, the sun’s shining on clean windows and doors and natural light is making its way through the house. For the same reason, autumn is also a popular choice, the air is crisp and buyers are hoping to move in well before Christmas while late afternoon sunshine, fall leaves and the smell of bonfires is enough to charm anyone. Whatever you do try not to sell during summer as everyone’s away, offices are closed and no one’s got time to view houses because the kids want to go for ice cream. Christmas is probably the worst time to put your property up for sale; no one wants to think about moving in winter, so it’s best to wait until the New Year when things are back to normal.

You’ve Priced The Property Too High

If you believe your house is worth a certain amount that’s fine but the market will no doubt disagree. Buyers will be put off if they think a house is too much especially if the local area isn’t as good as say in the next town. Check online to see how much houses nearby, of a similar shape and build, have sold for in the past and then use that as a guideline when it comes to thinking how much your home is honestly worth. If the house has been on the market a while without any real interest, have a word with your estate agents to see if your expectations outweigh the reality of the property’s value.

The Photos Aren’t Good Enough

Usually, homeowners find their new house online or by looking in the estate agent’s window while shopping in town. One of the first things that people notice are the photos, not the floor plan or the solar panels but the pictures! If the images of your house are small, blurry or worse there aren’t any you could be losing offers hand over fist. Make sure good quality professional photographs are taken, your estate agent should know someone, in strong, natural light using a normal size lens. Have all mess and clutter cleared away, surfaces should be clean and kids toys out of sight. Replace them with a batch of fresh cookies or a lovely set of candles as visualisation is half the battle when selling – if buyers can imagine living there you might just be in luck!

You’ve not done enough work to it

Often the reason that your property isn’t selling is that you haven’t done all the necessary updates and adjustments to the home that will make it look it’s absolute best. There’s plenty of information out there online to find inspiration, including these 10 tips that can transform your home. It might be just what you need in order to add some extra value to your home whilst also creating plenty of intrigue that could result in more viewings and hopefully an offer or two!

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