How to Decorate Your Door for Christmas

November 4, 2023

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Today we’re going to show you fun ways to decorate your door for Christmas that’ll have you spreading holiday cheer in no time. The best part is that you can enlist the help of the family. Beat the holiday rush and gather around the Christmas tree. Recreate the look with these tips. 

Spread holiday cheer to lonely doors and showcase your personality with some holiday door decorations. Give bare spaces a Christmas makeover while creating new merry memories with the family. Provide a warm welcome to guests during those cold winter months with a personal touch that reflects your creativity. Sprinkle some of those DIY skills to create a magical season, effortlessly. While many of us think of wreaths when it comes to Christmas décor, there are so many more ideas.

Tips to decorate your door for Christmas 

Pick your theme

While we all know the usual Christmas design traditions for doors, since we have more time at home, why not go bold and try something unusual? Showcase your personality and creativity through every door in the house. This way, every member of the family can feature their style since everyone has a different taste. Traditional, superman, Snowman, or Disney?

To get started, gather the troops, tell them the plan, and give them a timeline of when they should have their theme ready. Once every family member decides on a theme, it’s time to plan for the main door. This is where the whole family can get together for some serious DIY fun. 

Get some wreaths and garlands

When we say design for all doors, we mean every door! It can be the bedroom, bathroom, and front doors. This year’s rising trend is the use of double and maybe even triple wreaths, dress with garlands, and wreaths from top to bottom for a cohesive, unified look. Use the garlands on the doors’ sides, and mix and match colours for a fun, festive look. You can also use them on the doors themselves! Cover the door in garlands or create fun shapes that add a unique twist. 


We may not be caroling the streets this year, but we can express our beliefs, personality, and values by what we display in our doors. For indoor doors, let your imagination run free, cover them in construction paper, careful with tape as it might damage the painting, then add all your DIY decorations.

For example, if you have a colourful front door, consider a gift bag by taking festive ribbons and attaching them to a black construction paper that says Merry Christmas. To weatherproof your construction paper, use a matte adhesive spray as an extra layer of protection. Still, be mindful of extreme weather during winter to ensure your decorations are safe. 

decorate your door for Christmas

Christmas Swags

Swags are the ultimate way to showcase and spread holiday cheer to everyone who passes through your entryway. If you’re on a budget, need not worry, you can always DIY a swag effortlessly with just a ribbon, some pines, and evergreen leaves. Shape a coat hanger into an elongated shape, use it as a base, then add your items around it, and use a wire to tie everything at the centre together.

Enlist the little ones’ help, let them choose the items to display and encourage them to create a swag for their bedroom – you can even gift them to relatives, teachers, and school friends. Nothing is better than a thoughtful gift handmade by the kids to spread holiday, love, and cheer. Encourage loved ones to use these gifts on their door so that they can brighten more people through the holiday spirit. 

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