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Top 10 Gifts for The Home

April 5, 2016

Accessories for the home are essential to add the perfect finishing touches to any interior scheme, without them a room can look bare and lifeless. The right home accessories can help create a space where people want to relax and guests will feel welcome. Whether it is through the addition of subtle lighting or a colorful frame to brighten a wall, home accessories are the ideal gift to give for weddings, house warming’s or even as a gift for yourself. To help you get started choosing the perfect gifts for the home, here are 10 popular home accessories.

A chair sitting in a basket

Wall Art

Accessories for walls are a great way to add colour and uniqueness to the room. There are several options to choose from when it comes to wall art, such as a decorative picture frame complete with a photograph of the recipient’s family. Decorative wrought iron is an expensive way to add drama to any decor and it can be found in a variety of designs, such as wall sconces or plaques. Mirrors are also a great addition to walls. Mirrors can serve to add light and make space seem larger, so they are the perfect gift for someone who lives in a small apartment.

Throw Pillows

Small decorative pillows are perfect for adding style and colour to living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs. The most popular types of throw pillows are needlepoint, embroidered and silk. When giving a throw pillow as a gift, it is best to choose one that is neutral in colour or one that has a design that can be easily incorporated with various decors.


Lighting can be used to create a sense of atmosphere, but it can also be used to highlight a piece of art or draw attention to decorative details. The ideal type of lighting to give as a gift is a lamp that can be used in any room of the home. For example, a small Tiffany-inspired lamp can be used in a bedroom as well as a living room.

Blankets and Quilts

A decorative blanket or unique quilt is perfect for using as a throw on the back of the couch or over a rocking chair. The right quilt can add colour and a comforting feeling to any room in the house, Next have a wide range of throws perfect for the home. If you want to make the blanket even more special, consider having a message embroidered on a back corner. For example, if it is a wedding present, you could have the couples name and their wedding date embroidered on a corner.

Scented Candles

One of the most popular home accessories is candles. They bring a warmth as well as a great smell to any room. Candles come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so they can be utilized for a variety of fashionable uses. For example, you could give candles in a candle holder than descends in height for the coffee table or three different sized personalized candles that can be clustered together on a night table.

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Kitchen Accessories

If you are looking for perfect gift ideas, then kitchen accessories are ideal. The kitchen is the room where kids do their homework, the family plays games and has dinner together, so giving a useful, decorative gift for the kitchen will definitely be appreciated. There are several options to choose from. There are a great range of gifts available at toxicfox.co.uk for example, a matching set of place mats, cloth napkins and seat cushions or if the recipient enjoys spending time cooking, consider a set of well-made spatulas in a decorative container.


Resin statutes are perfect gifts for indoors or outdoors. For example, if the recipient enjoys working in the garden, a cute, resin animal statue would remind them that you were thinking of their favorite hobbies. Or, a resin statue of an angel would be perfect for someone who enjoys displaying religious decorations in their home.

Storage Accessories

Even if your friends’ home appears clutter free, there is always room for a fun storage item. For example, a newly mounted wall shelf could be an ideal gift for the kitchen, bathroom or hallway or a magazine rack that can be used in the family room or bathroom. When buying storage accessories to give as a gift, it is best to choose a material that can be used in any decor, such as wood.

Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is often the last place many people choose to decorate, so giving a gift (or two) for the bathroom will be a perfect choice. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to bathroom accessories, such as matching toothbrush and soap holders, a customized toilet tissue holder or a decorative towel ring with a plush towel to hang on it.


Baskets are always a great choice as a gift for any occasion. They come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. For example, the perfect housewarming gift would be a decorative basket, either metal or wicker, filled with colourful dishcloths. Or for newlyweds, give a colourful glass basket that can be used to hold keys, wallets, and other small items.

There are virtually thousands of options to choose from when it comes to decorative home accessories that can be given as gifts. The goal when choosing is to keep the recipients taste in mind. If you aren’t sure what their style is, then opt for something that is neutral in colour and functional, such as a basket. Take your time and make sure you choose something that you would appreciate if you were to receive it as a gift, in fact, if you find something you really like, buy two…one for you and one to give as a gift, because you can never have too many decorative accessories.


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