From the cave to the kitchen – A 7-step history of the oven

Readers of Boo, Roo and Tigger Too will know that I’m privy to the occasional baked good. Whether it’s cheese biscuits, shortbread or oat cookies, I love cooking up a storm in the kitchen. However, I’ve never given a thought to how I’d achieve these baked treats without my oven. It might sound glib but the history of the oven is actually pretty compelling. In fact, many historians have argued that the discovery of controlled heat kick-started civilisation as we know it today.

In modern times, it’s so easy to overlook the tools that make our lives civilised. Without an oven and without cooked food, apparently we’d need over five kilos of raw food just to survive. Plus, we wouldn’t be able to create all of the wonderful dishes that make life so rich and full of flavour. That’s why Leisure Cookers have created this neat interactive infographic – to shine a light on this often forgotten history and to celebrate the civilisation of the humble oven.

A 7 Step History of the Oven
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