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Creating an Awesome Backyard Space: Top Tips for Outdoor Decor

July 22, 2019

People around the country value their garden space and are willing to spend good money maintaining it. You can’t blame them, either. Gardens and outdoor spaces are about showing your personality and creating an outdoor oasis for your home. They’re spaces to entertain, relax, have fun and spend time with others. It’s worth putting some effort into making it look nice!

That’s sometimes easier said than done though. Creating a backyard you’re proud of requires time, effort, and a certain eye for design. We wanted to help! Are you about to embark on efforts to upgrade your garden but stuck for outdoor decor tips? Say no more, keep reading for all the help you need.

Keep reading for 8 top outdoor decor tips!

Top Tips for Outdoor Decor - gardener reading book in armchair near plants in pots

Cultivate Some Privacy

Garden spaces are a common highlight of a household.

They’re an extension of the home. Friends and family come over to hang out, relax, party, and dine together. Similarly, you go outside alone to spend time outdoors, relax, sunbathe, or do any number of other things.

However, it’s far harder to enjoy your time outside with nosy parkers walking past and looking in. Whether it’s your neighbours or a passer-by, their curiosity can feel like an invasion of your privacy and personal space.

If this could be a problem for you, then take steps to make your space more private. Hanging curtains and cleverly positioning trees and bushes are two examples.

You continue to enjoy your space while foiling attempts of unwanted onlookers.

Bring Your Living Space Outside

The best backyards feel like an extension of the living space.

You’re unlikely to decorate two rooms entirely differently! Instead, a common theme or aesthetic is applied throughout. The same approach can be taken to outside decor.

One way of doing this is by, almost literally, bringing your interior outside. The lines inside and outside become blurred.

Try incorporating similar furnishings outside. Of course, be wary of inclement weather, but try including indoor sofas and armchairs, rugs and standing lights. Tables with picture frames are another nice touch. These products might be of interest too.

Together, this evokes a sense of cohesion between indoors and outdoors.

This also helps make your home feel larger. It’s no longer limited to the square footage of the floor space. Having doors opening onto an outdoor scene creates a sense of expansiveness.

Divide Large Spaces into Designated Zones

Having a large outdoor space is a blessing. But it can sometimes feel like a curse. Having a lot of land can make it harder to know how to decorate. After all, there are almost too many options!

One approach can be to segment the space into particular zones. You divide the overall space into smaller, designated areas for certain functions. You might have an outdoor bar and BBQ area. A little way over, you could position a comfortable lounge area, separated by trellises, or curtains. Then, between them, a dining area.

Doing this makes effective use of the space. It also stops the garden from feeling excessively open and sparsely decorated.

Top Tips for Outdoor Decor - A person sitting on a bench in a garden

Include Cosy Spots

No garden is complete without some cosy areas to hang out in too!

This could be another approach when breaking up a larger garden space into smaller spots.

Think about having distinct patio areas, fire pits, decks full of chairs and comfy seating, and so on. Have rugs, cushions, low lighting and so on to add final cosy touches.

Open land suddenly feels much more intimate. People are naturally drawn to these spaces. Rather than sprawling out over the entire garden, pockets of friends and family congregate and spend time together.

Leverage Lighting

All gardens can benefit from outdoor lighting. There is all manner of ways to go about it.

Remember, backyards aren’t just designed for daytime use! On warm evenings in the summer months, there’s nothing better than hanging out with loved ones outside. Incorporating outdoor lighting ensures you aren’t left in the pitch darkness.

Again, think about those cosy nooks you’ve just created. These make the ideal spots for low lighting. Try hanging fairy lights from trees and plants in the area. Your trellises, hanging baskets, and so on make great places to have them.

If there’s nothing to hang fairy lights from, then buy some outdoor lamps instead. They provide lovely ambient light for your evenings in the garden.

Remember the Accessories

Accessories are an important part of any garden space and outdoor decor.

Think about jewellery. Doesn’t it just add the finishing touches to your outfits? The same goes for accessorizing your backyard. Adding certain elements can make all the difference. Minor details can have a major impact. Including accessories in your outdoor rooms and areas can tie everything together.

Throws, pillows, rugs, photos, lamps, artwork, hanging baskets, and so on could all make an appearance. Be sure to tie the colours in style into the overall decor. Worried about the weather? Have a sealed storage space somewhere nearby. Whenever space isn’t used, simply toss everything inside!

Top Tips for Outdoor Decor - red flowers in the garden

Furnish with the Elements in Mind

It’s worth keeping the weather in mind for other reasons too. Ensure the furniture can stand up to the elements.

There’s no point buying expensive items if they’re going to rot and break in no time. For fair weather destinations, it’s less of a problem. For anywhere that inclement weather is common, it’s a definite cause for consideration.

Buying solid, weather-resistant items. Quality hardwood is always a good bet. Again, strive to keep the design in keeping with the overall aesthetic. But balance that with functionality.

Keep Things Clean

If your patio and your fences are dirty this can bring down the whole look of your garden! To clean hard-set dirt on your patio it’s best to hire patio cleaning services. Once everything is all cleaned your garden will look as good as new. You can clean your fences yourself using a bucket of soapy water and a garden hose. If your fences are worn out you might like to give them a coat of paint or varnish. Maintaining your garden helps you to create a beautiful space to enjoy.

Creating an Awesome Backyard Space: Top Tips for Outdoor Decor

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Decor

There you have it: 8 top outdoor decor tips to help you upgrade your garden space. Backyards are often the pride and joy of American households. People spend huge sums of money maintaining, decorating, and improving their gardens every year.

Bonus: If you are considering using a shed to add to your garden decor you can avoid broken shed windows with sheet plastics shed windows.

Alas, it isn’t always easy to know where to begin. Hopefully, this post has provided some inspiration that’ll give your backyard the boost you’re looking for!

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