A little boy that is standing in the sand on a beach

The Best Swimsuit Styles for Young Girls

December 15, 2016

Finding a swimsuit that fits well, is comfortable, and makes the young girl in your life happy can be a bit of a challenge. We often end up picking a swimsuit based on how “cute” or “pretty” it is, but when it comes to your young girl you want to consider the kind of activities she’ll be doing in it. For those who are particularly active in water sports, a swimsuit with coverage that won’t slip and slide is ideal, whereas those that tend to enjoy lounging on the beach or by the pool can get away with a lot more styles such as the one-shoulder or bandeau styles that are both so very popular.

A little boy that is standing in the sand on a beach

So, what are the best swimsuit styles for young girls? Let’s take a closer look and remember what makes the swimsuit best for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter is that it works with her personality and activity level.

One-Piece Racerback

When it comes to offering lots of coverage in a style that won’t slip and slide, you won’t be able to beat what a one-piece racerback has to offer. This is the style chosen by professional swimmers and lifeguards around the world thanks to its comfort factor. You’ll be able to find this style in a wide range of sizes starting with suits meant for babies all the way to teen girls. As far as the print and color go, this is a chance for your young daughter to express herself and pick something really fun.

This suit will be ideal for those days on the beach, swimming in the backyard pool, the waterpark, and the public pool. It’s a great all-around swimsuit that tends to be a staple in most young girls’ wardrobes.

Rash Guard Suits

Rash guard suits are among the hottest trends right now. They offer protection from the sand and rough ground so your young daughter doesn’t end up with scrapes. This is ideal if you plan on visiting the beach, as the sand can often cause a rash on sensitive skin. Many of these rash guard suits offer more coverage and even SPF protection built into the fabric.

Bandeau Suits

Here’s a great compromise for mom and daughter. The bandeau style of bathing suit can be found in two-piece form and gives the idea of wearing a bikini but with much more coverage. The wide band sits around their chest and it typically has two shoulder straps in kids’ sizes. The bottoms tend to sit higher on the waist than a typical bikini as well, so they can go about their water activities with confidence.

You’ll find this style of swimsuit in a wide variety of bright prints and solids.

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The Tankini

Here’s a style that is popular with young girls and women thanks to its comfort factor. A tankini is a cross between a bikini and a one-piece. It offers almost as much coverage as the one-piece but is made up of two pieces. What makes this style even more fun is that you can feel free to mix and match the pieces. Your young daughter can really let her own personal style shine when she creates her own custom look.

The tankini is ideal for water sports and just lounging by the pool. Some tankinis feature a high-rise bottom while others feature boy shorts. Your young daughter will feel as though she’s wearing a pair of bike shorts and a tank top in this variation.

The Triangle Swimsuit

Last but definitely not least is the triangle swimsuit. This one has been around for decades now and is very popular among women. The two-piece suit features a top that looks like two triangles of material, connected by a strap/string/or fabric. This one offers the least amount of coverage and isn’t the best choice if you have an active daughter. It can be uncomfortable and slip around while they are busy taking part in various water sports.

Despite its low rating where coverage is concerned, the suit is usually quite comfortable and is always in fashion. A great compromise would be to look for a triangle style bikini that features a wide strap around the bust area to help keep the top in place.

Find What’s Best for Her

As you can see, there are all kinds of fashionable styles to choose from. What makes the swimsuit the best for your young girl is that it fits their lifestyle, personality, and their desire to be comfortable.

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