A teen bedroom makeover

August 3, 2020

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When we moved to our new house (can I still call it that four years later?), we purchased the additional bedroom furniture that we needed and that was about it. With the hope that we would go through each of the bedrooms and repaint the feature walls, add personalised touches etc. But family life is busy and soon those weeks turn into months and before you know it, it can be a couple of years later.

While Tigger had a superhero-inspired bedroom a couple of years ago, Piglet’s room has transformed a few times from crib to cot and now in her children’s house bed. Roo has drawn the short straw and has had ber bedroom more or less the same as it was when we moved in.

Getting ready for the teen years

Now that her tween years are behind her it was time to make sure her bedroom was up to scratch to ger her through the teen years. Not only to look great for when her friends come over but also to accommodate her hair and make-up accessories (how one girl needs so much is beyond me), performing TV/gaming and upcoming coursework needs.

Colour Palette

Over the past few months, I had been subtly asking Roo about the colours she liked. Showing her colour palettes and mood boards I’d stumbled upon via Instagram and Pinterest. Gauging which accessories she was drawn to whilst we were out shopping (pre-lockdown). After chatting back and forth she expressed that grey, navy and mustard was the colour palette of choice. With this in mind, I had started to look at the different soft furnishings and accessories I could add to her room to transform it into a room fit for a teenager.

Feature wall

The feature wall in Roo’s room was previously a burnt orange colour. One of those things we’d said we’d repaint once we’d moved in but never gotten around to doing. I would have loved to have been bold and paint this a rich navy blue, however, I feared it would make the room too dark and be overpowering. Instead, I opted to stay safe and selected Dulux Warm Pewter. A future proof colour should she wish to change her bedding and accessory colours in the future.


On the whole, the instrument furniture that we have utilised throughout her bedroom was either in their already or something repurposed from another room. With IKEA furniture featuring heavily as it reasonably priced, easy to assemble and long lasting. We do plan to order a BESTA TV unit to replace the KALLAX that she is currently utilising as a TV/gaming console. Funds don’t allow us to do this at the moment, but she can still access everything she needs so not a priority.

Bed and bedding

One of the key purchases we made a couple of years ago was an IKEA Hemnes day-bed. Giving her the flexibility to transform into a double bed when necessary. The white bed frame is neutral and enables it to be used in a variety of colour schemes. The day-bed style also gives the option to add additional soft furnishings to make it feel like a sofa, somewhere she can lounge and relax.

As Roo often transforms her bed from single to double she has two sets of bedding. Sow when it came to thinking about what bedding colours to go for I opted for a mix and match approach. Settling on Silentnight plain-dyed bedding in grey and mustard for the main sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. With navy being utilised as an accent colour so that the room didn’t feel too dark. Adding a cosy Silentnight fleece blanket and feature cushions that make the bed look inviting and somewhere warm and safe.

Wall Art

With a room that is relatively neutral, I opted to make a statement with the wall art prints. Utilising the Desenio gallery wall tool to help me configure layouts for the different wall spaces. Opting to add something a little different to create zones within her room. For example, the make-up and beauty inspired wall prints above her ALEX drawer unit where she stores all her make-up and accessories

Whilst on the feature wall I took the opportunity to mix and match typography prints with colourful prints to tie in with the colour scheme. These are located slightly high up on the wall to accommodate the large TV unit when we purchase it. As well as leaving wall space to add in any additional wall prints that catch her eye in the future.

The two prints above her bed ‘Dear Bed, I Love You’ were an impulse purchase as I just loved them. Utilising poster hangers rather than frames to give it that American pennant look. It still feels a little bare in that corner, so I might need to add a couple of colourful accessories – maybe some pompom bunting or a couple of thin bookshelves for accessories.

Window dressings

Cream blackout blinds were installed when we moved into the house. Roo’s bedroom is fortunate to have windows on two walls, however, it does mean that she does get the last burst of sunshine each night. So blackout blinds were a must, especially, in the summer months.

Her curtains were the ones that were left behind by the previous people. One of those ‘we’ll get round to changing those’ but four years later we still hadn’t. Looking for a neutral style I opted for simple grey blackout curtains. Both from a longevity point of view but also as there are two windows and I didn’t necessarily want to make them a focal point. The grey curtains are simple, functional, yet still fit in with the colour palette that we are utilising.


When it came to thinking about the finishing touches to Roo’s room I didn’t want to go overboard. As a teenager, she has enough Nik-Naks and make-up taking up space before I add in any decorative touches. Hoping to prompt her into some organisation Curver wicker style storage boxes in grey were added to her shelves. A new lamp to replace an old pink reading light and a set of fairy lights just because they look cute. I’d love to make a pom pom garland for her curtain poles but I haven’t been able to get my hands on the wool colours I’d like to use.

Now that her bedroom is finished (apart from the TV unit) it does feel as though it is fit for her teen years. Fingers crossed that she will keep it tidy now that she has amble storage for all her accessories and Nik-Naks – a mum can hope! Seriously though, I am pleased with how it has turned out, maybe now I will finally move onto our bedroom (add to the to-do list).

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