Top Four Factors in Choosing Bedroom Lighting

Top Four Factors in Choosing Bedroom Lighting

January 24, 2022

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When you choose bedroom lighting, be sure to consider layers of light, size and space, your personal style, and functionality. If you follow these guidelines, you are sure to find the right bedroom lighting to meet all of your needs.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary in your home; the place you go to rest and rejuvenate. But in today’s busy world, bedrooms often double as offices, entertainment areas, or reading rooms. Setting the scene for total relaxation alongside the ability to complete other tasks means choosing the right lighting to create the atmosphere you desire in your bedroom.

Factors in Choosing Bedroom Lighting

Whether you are designing a new bedroom or doing an update to your home, it is essential to choose bedroom lighting that meets all of your needs. 

Top Four Factors in Choosing Bedroom Lighting

Layers of Light

When it comes time to choose bedroom lighting fixtures, consider layers of lighting. You will need fixtures or lamps to provide ambient light to the entire room, accent light to any specific areas you wish to highlight, and task lighting appropriate for certain activities you may complete in the room.

Ambient light is often provided by ceiling light fixtures, to provide light to the room as a whole. Accent lighting is often created via the use of wall fixtures, to draw attention to focal points within the room. Task lighting, used for reading, working at a desk, or lighting small areas, is often done with the use of lamps.

There are lighting design companies, such as Ranor, that can help you choose all of the best light fixtures to meet your needs in bedroom design. However, there are some essential elements of design that can only be completed by you, the homeowner.

Size and Space

Because you live in your bedroom, you know best what will work in the space you have. Consider how you will arrange the furniture in your bedroom, and take measurements of spaces that need lighting. Be sure to measure the height of your ceiling, as the appropriateness of ceiling fixtures will be dependent partly on this measurement. Think about how much floor space you have for floor lamps. Choose fixtures that are proportional to the space you have.

Top Four Factors in Choosing Bedroom Lighting
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Personal Style

There are endless possibilities when it comes to lighting. When you choose bedroom lighting, look at a lot of options, because you never know what you might like. Do you like a modern vibe? Check out the latest trends. Going for a more classic look, or something from a specific time period? See what these looks have to offer. 

Also, consider – what type of finishes do you prefer? Do you like bright or soft lighting? What is the colour scheme in your bedroom, and how can you complement it? Try using white bulbs, coloured bulbs, or coloured lampshades to adjust the ambience. 


It is important to consider how light fixtures will work in your bedroom for you and your family. If you are very tall, you may not want to choose hanging pendants that you will have to duck under. If you are very short, don’t choose tall floor lamps whose switches you cannot reach. Don’t forget to consider where outlets are placed in the bedroom, or what type of wiring will need to be completed to achieve the look you desire.

You should also consider how you will control your bedroom lighting. Do you prefer to use wall switches, reach for lamps at the bedside, or incorporate lighting controls into a smart home? Consider the use of dimmers to change the atmosphere in your bedroom or adding smart plugs for voice-activated lighting control.

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