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Time to improve your sleep quality this New Year

February 18, 2020

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I think we can all agree that sleeping is crucial. But did you know that there is a difference between sleeping and actually getting a night of “good sleep?” There are so many times when people hit the hay early, only to feel like they really didn’t even get any type of sleep at all. When this happens, what’s the culprit? 

Truthfully, there can be a lot of different things that make something like this a reality and some of them are simple and easy to fix! With a few simple tweaks, you’ll be rocking your sleep schedule for the New Year. 

A woman sitting on a bed next to a window

Time to improve your sleep quality this New Year

As we begin to age, it’s imperative that we get a good night’s rest. There’s really nothing worse than waking up and feeling as though you never even went to sleep. If you’re dragging and find your energy lagging, these tips for improving your sleep quality might be exactly what you need.

Turn off all the screens 30 minutes before bed

There are studies out there that suggest the light from your phone, computer, tablet, and/or TV will actually stimulate your brain in certain ways to keep it awake and active. And if you’re trying to go to sleep, that’s literally the last thing that you need. 

Instead of putting yourself through that each and every night, set up a routine where you shut down the electronics and the screens at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. This will give your eyes enough time to adjust and let your brain calm down so that it’s ready to go to sleep just like you are. 

Invest in a new mattress for your home

Frugal or not, there comes a time when it’s imperative to upgrade your mattress. Mattresses don’t have a “forever” life span and there’s a reason for that! After countless nights of sleeping on them and tossing and turning on them, they’ll start to break down a bit, just like everything else. 

If you fail to replace or upgrade your mattress, your body is ultimately going to pay the price. This means that you might notice achy joints, sore back, sleepless nights, or even more. And to think that all of these things could be avoided if you’d simply switch out your old mattress for a new one. 

One great mattress to consider is a Hypnos Mattress. A brand offering high quality mattresses with luxurious fillings. With pocket springs in each mattress, you’ll have amazing support for your entire night of sleep. Not only are they made to be super comfortable but they are made to continue offering you comfort and support over the years.

And if you’re looking for a different type of Pocket Sprung Mattress, you’re in luck. There are so many different options and price points to choose from! You can choose from medium-firm to firm, or even soft and choose a variety of sizes as well. It’s worth noting that pocket springs can actually adjust to your natural sleeping position to help support your body. 

There is literally a mattress out there for everyone – you just have to be willing and able to find it! 

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Give your tummy time to rest

Another big reason that people don’t get good sleep at night is that they fill their bodies full of food and drink that will keep them up! Don’t do spicey right before bed – that’s just a big “no”! In fact, stopping all eating and drinking a few hours before it’s time for sleep can be a great way to ensure that your body is ready to sleep. 

Listen to white noise

Sometimes, our brains need to actually hear something to calm down. Since we’re resting our eyes during this time, make some noises that your ears can listen to instead. This can be as simple as using a white noise machine or opening up an app on your phone and listening to some music. 

Some people even like the sound of the ceiling fan going on over their heads to cut down on some of the noise! 

If you’re looking for a night of better sleep, the options above are so simple and easy to do! Investing in a better mattress is one simple solution but combining them all might be just what you need! Take charge of your sleep this year and make it the most relaxed and rested year, ever! 

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