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I Owe you One, Sanditon and Half-term #LittleLoves

October 25, 2019

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October has felt a little strange, which I’m putting down to the fact that half term is a week earlier than I would normally have thought it to be. With the children going to be at school on Halloween, leaving us little time to prepare for the night of festivities ahead. Our estate goes all out on Halloween with lots of houses decorated and pumpkins out on display to signal that the children can knock on the door for a treat.

Despite half term coming a little early, we have had a fun month as a family with a few family adventures to Paradise Wildlife Park for a special Dinos After Dark experience, Enjoyed a cookery lesson with Annabel Karmel and got to play with the new Baby Annabel Lunch Time Table. As well as kick-starting the Halloween celebrations at Twycross Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo festivities.

Time for October’s #LittleLoves

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With a train journey down to London for work earlier in the month, I had planned to get lots of work completed. However, on the bus journey over to the train station, I started to read I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella. A book that has sat on the corner of my desk since before the summer after purchasing it on a whim at the supermarket. With a couple of chapters under my belt before I got on the train, I knew I had to continue reading. Which turned out to be a good thing as my train broke down and I needed to switch to another which had no tables so no chance of completing any work.

Although I didn’t get to finish it that day, I did finish it later in the week and really enjoyed the story of two people meeting by chance and exchanging an IOU. Before seeing how they can help each other out, passing the IOU back and forth,


Being a huge Jane Austen fan, I of course tuned in to watch the new ITV Sanditon series. Although I waited for the first couple to record before starting to watch. Which turned out to be a good thing as it took me to mid-way through episode two before I could get my head around the choices of actors selected for the roles. As time went on I found myself loving the period drama, emotionally invested in the characters – however, to say I was disappointed by the ending is somewhat of an understatement. All I can hope is that they are penning a second series as the ending was not in-line with a classic Jane Austen novel (although I know she never finished this novel).


Although we tend to have Spotify on in the car whenever we travel, we have gotten into a habit of selecting the same playlists. Which all gets a little samey, samey after a while. Tigger however, is a little more adventurous so on our recent trip to the Amazon Robotics Workshop I introduced him to the world of indie music, with Oasis, Pulp and Blur all blasting out – a wonderful trip down memory lane for me.

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Is it completely unreasonable to be jealous of your children’s wardrobe? Roo has two different tracksuit/loungewear sets from Studio which are so comfortable for her to wear. Whether she is heading out to a rehearsal or catching up with friends. With the weather up and down at the moment, they are the perfect in-between wardrobe staple for her – and I’m a little bit envious of how cosy they feel.


After rearranging the children’s bedrooms last month, we finally got around to ordering the additional bits and bobs we needed from IKEA. With nee wardrobe doors for Piglet’s room, switching from pink to white to tie-in with her new children’s house bed.

Whilst Tigger has had the biggest change with all new BESTA cabinets added to house his growing LEGO collection as well as his books. Plus a new wardrobe which is now home to all of his clothes, with wire baskets that pull out at the bottom to house pyjamas, underwear, tops etc. It does look so much neater having it all in one place – let’s hope he keeps it tidy!


Our half term is coming to a close and as always I’m panicking about whether we have done enough with the children. Whether they have had a good time or have been secretly wishing that they could have been doing something else. Unfortunately, they have to head back to school on Monday and once again we are ruled by after school activities, rehearsals and such like – not long until Christmas!

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