Birthdays, #WWEButlins and Diary of a Wimpy Kid #LittleLoves

November 10, 2017

Thank the heavens it is Friday! It has been one of those weeks in the Boo Roo and Tigger Too household. With an amazing family trip to Butlins Minehead for their #WWEButlins weekend. Roo had the opportunity to celebrate her 11th birthday whilst we were there and she had such a wonderful weekend. Heading home in time to celebrate Tigger’s 7th birthday (never a good idea to have birthdays three days apart). After that it all went downhill, with all of us suffering in one way or another will illness, with Tigger being sent home from school on Thursday after being sick in his classroom (so sorry Miss M and Miss C). Add into the mix technical issues with my laptop and blog, I have simply wanted to crawl back under the duvet and hide from the world.

The weekend is in sight and I for one am hoping that we can simply stay indoors and recuperate before another busy week ahead.

This week’s #LittleLoves…


The twelfth book within the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series was released this week. With Roo and Tigger lucky enough be sent a copy ready for the release along with a mini sleepover kit – it was so cute. In the name of research, I opted to sit and read a few pages after they had gone to bed. I was sucked in and before I knew it I had read almost half of the book. It’s so funny, and perfect for reluctant readers with the comic strip illustrations helping them engage with the storyline.


After visiting Butlins for a #WWEButlins weekend I couldn’t not mention the wrestling within this segment. Whilst Mr. Boo has been a lifelong wrestling fan which has rubbed off on the children. I am only acutely aware of some of the bigger wrestlers and ones from years gone by. Our visit last weekend included getting to watch the WWE live within the transformed Skyline Pavilion. OMG! It was amazing, whilst I did cringe at the slaps and bangs thinking ‘oh that must have hurt’. The atmosphere was wonderful and we got to see some of our favourite wrestlers.


When my laptop and blog have decided to play ball I have been listening to a Spotify playlist that Mr. Boo suggested – Daily Mix 2. I’m not sure if it is one he put together or one that Spotify mixed up according to our saved music. But it is filled with my clubland classic tracks, all the ones with a great beat which inspires me to work a little quicker (which is never a bad thing).


With two birthdays celebrated this week, does wrapping presents count? Whilst I’ve had their gifts for a few weeks, I left it until the last minute to wrap everything. I really need to crack on with my Christmas wrapping otherwise I can see my procrastination creepy in and I’ll be sitting there on Christmas Eve still finishing off.


Nothing of any note really. Although Roo has been living in her collection of WWE Bellas t-shirts whilst we have been away. We bought her a couple earlier in the year when Mr. Boo took her to see #WWENorwich as a special treat. 


I’m suffering from a hideous cold at the moment, feeling properly sorry for myself. In many ways, it is my own fault as I’m completely run down and I still haven’t booked my flu jab either. Why do parents never manage to get sick days?

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat
  • Angela Webster November 13, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Your weekend at Butlins sounds brilliant. What a shame you were all poorly on your return, hope you are all feeling a bit better now after the weekend x #LittleLoves

  • Morgana November 13, 2017 at 11:23 am

    What a busy time you’ve had, I’m tired out just reading it all! I’m sorry you’ve all been poorly though, this time of year is the worst for bugs, coughs and colds. I hope you’re all feeling better now.
    The Daily Mixes on Spotify are great aren’t they? They put them together based on what you’ve been listening to and set them in genres. They’re always my go to if I can’t decide on a specific band.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoy the week ahead xx

  • Sarah Christie November 15, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    oh no hope you are feeling better now and had a great week? We used to love the Wimpy Kids books its so sad the boys have grown out of them x

  • Stacey - Mums Blind Love November 16, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    I hope that you are all feeling better now. We saw some wrestling as part of the children’s entertainment in Holiday a couple of weeks back and Olivia was petrified.

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