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Paradise Wildlife Park | Dinos After Dark

October 12, 2019

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At the beginning of the summer holidays, we made our first visit to Paradise Wildlife Park. Somewhere we had driven past numerous times but had never managed to squeeze in a trip. This first trip, however, was one that we loved as a family. With the park, offering us a beautiful wildlife park to walk around and explore whilst learning more about the different species of animals. Fun-fulled play areas which help burn off the children’s excess energy. Alongside the World of Dinosaurs, and given our love of the Jurassic Park films is our favourite area in the park.

Last weekend we were given the opportunity to return to Paradise Wildlife Park for an extra special event – Dinos After Dark.

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Dinos After Dark

The Dinos After Dark event was a trial run for something the park is looking to introduce. So we were guinea pigs (or lambs if you prefer) test driving the format to see how it would work and whether there were any kinks that needed straightening out.

The idea behind Dinos After Dark is a chance to explore the World of Dinosaurs in the dark. Seeing the area in a different light (so to speak) whilst learning more about the dinosaurs as you walk around.

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Our experience of dinos after dark

As the experience began the children were given lanterns to help guide us through the World of Dinosaurs trails. As well as being introduced to our tour guide for the evening.

The tour started just as the light was falling with the first few dinos viewed in relative daylight. However, as we walked around the night drew in and soon it was darkness lit only by the lanterns that the children were carrying. At first, I wondered how well this worked, however, after thinking about it, it does make the experience less scary especially for the children (and scaredy-cats like me!) and more of an adventure into the night and darkness. Rather than attempting to walk directly into a dark wooded area.

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Learning through play

As we walked around the trails our tour guide paused at various dinosaurs to talk further about them. Telling us about the common misconceptions as well as to quiz the children on their dino knowledge. This made the experience interactive for the children as well as allowing them to learn through play without realising.

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Special guests

Alongside the walk around the trails and learning more about the different dinosaurs, we were also treated to a couple of very special dino guests. One as we were midway around the trail and then two baby dinos afterwards as we tucked into a delicious and warming dinner.

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What we thought of dinos after dark

This was one experience that we will remember for quite some time. Each one us taking something away from the exploration of the World of Dinosaurs under the cover of darkness. The Dinos After Dark experience is suggested for children aged 6+, however, Piglet at age three loved it. I would say that it depends on your child and whether they are happy and comfortable with dinosaurs and being outdoors as darkness falls.

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Visit Paradise Wildlife Park

Although the next Dinos After Dark event has not yet been planned, you are still able to visit and enjoy the World of Dinosaurs as well as the rest of Paradise Wildlife Park. To book your tickets and to check out their events, visit the Paradise Wildlife Park website.

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