Jack Dee, Road Trips & Jumpsuits #LittleLoves

October 29, 2021

I honestly feel as though I have spent the entire month chasing my tail. The days and weeks gave all merged together and I’ve spent my time fighting fires rather than making progress. This being said it has been a fabulous month with attending BlogOn and getting to see the friends in my computer in real life.

Back to school, Butlins and Musical Beds #LittleLoves

September 24, 2021

It feels strange to sitting writing this #LittleLoves update almost a week before the end of the month. With next Friday the beginning of October (how did that happen?) it means that my monthly update on the little things that have brought smiles, laughter or happiness to my life is earlier.

Clarkson’s Farm, A Knee Brace and Beach Huts #LittleLoves

June 25, 2021

Oh what a month, I feel as though I have bee here, there and everywhere, yet not managing to complete anything or make an impact on anything. Many plans going out of the window this month due to the weather and Roo’s injury at school. Although I did finally get to see the beautiful beach huts at Wells Next The Sea up close today – so that makes up for all the other meh moments the month has thrown at me.

Jackass, Birkenstocks and Friendship #LittleLoves

May 28, 2021

Time to wave a fond farewell to Spring and hopefully the worst of the wet weather to allow us to have a nice summer (not too hot or I’ll be obviously complaining about that). Although the weather has been surprisingly wet for May it has allowed us to tick a few things off our to-do list at home.

Book Series, Snow and Boots #LittleLoves

February 26, 2021

I’ve been working so much this month that the days have blurred into each other. In some ways it feels like our week of snow was ages ago but in others, it happened just yesterday. It was lovely to enjoy some fun in the snow with the children, forgetting about all the worries and strains. Simply enjoying the moment and watching the snowflakes fall.

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