6 Tips For Making the Most of Your Hallway

August 26, 2020

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Nowadays, many of us find ourselves in smaller and smaller spaces. Whether a unit or an apartment, these smaller living situations have encouraged us to live smarter and use our space more efficiently. Movements like minimalism encourage us to think about our belongings, and the difference between things we need, and the things we want. 

Conversations regarding the effective use of space in the home often overlook hallway spaces. This is unfortunate, as hallways not only serve the purpose of connecting rooms but can be thought of as rooms themselves. To prevent you from overlooking this space, here are six tips for making the most of your hallway.

A place to hang your hat

Imagine entering a household to be instantly greeted by a place to hang your hat (or coat). While many believe a hat or coat stand to be a thing of the past, they make great additions to the entrance of a home. 

Coat stands have been used for centuries as a place for guests to hang their coats (no forgetting them at the end of the night) and for the occupants to hang regularly used jackets. Modern coat racks often feature shoe racks that add an additional layer of practicality to this enduring home feature.

6 Tips For Making the Most of Your Hallway

A place for decor

A long, slim hallway table will make a perfect addition to any hallway. Tables not only act as decor themselves but provide the opportunity to show off other smaller decor items within the hallway of a home. Vases, photographs or plants can be used in this way. 

To go the extra mile, why not have a theme to your table? Sourcing all items from a similar origin – whether that be a common culture, time period or colour – will add a point of focus to your hallway. Alternatively, a family photo table or a plant theme would work well. 

A place to cushion your step

A decorative hallway rug is a surefire way to make the most of your hallway. With so many patterns and prints available, you can express your sense of style as guests move through the home. 

An additional benefit to a rug is that it is interchangeable. Remove it or swap it out and you have a whole new look! Be careful to purchase a well-fitting rug, as ill-fitting rugs can contribute to a trip hazard in the home

6 Tips For Making the Most of Your Hallway

A place to express yourself

Turning your hallway into an art exhibit is a great way to utilise all the spaces in your home. Not only can most artwork be hung on walls, reducing the bulk in your hallway, but it can also add a sense of culture to the home. Like the rug, this artwork can be moved around and customised; you can change the look of your hallway whenever you want!

A place to hang your keys

Key hooks or bowls are not only practical but offer an opportunity to show off your style. A bowl can be placed on your hallway table, and act as a piece of decor itself. At the same time, a key hook can hang on the wall where it does not contribute to the bulk of the hallway.

A place of reflection

Finally, mirrors can make great additions to any hallway. Not only can they be hung on a wall, but they are also extremely practical. Checking for rogue toothpaste, smudged makeup or unruly hair before leaving the house are just a few of the things you can do with a hallway mirror.

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or an extravagant mansion, hallways will remain an important component of any home. Make your home inviting by having a place for your guests to hang their coats and keys, show off your art and photographs either on the wall or on a fashionable hallway table. Line the ground beneath your feet with a patterned rug or install a mirror to check for mishaps before leaving the house. 

Good luck!

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