A kitchen with a sink and a mirror

Updating the hallway and entrance way in your home

March 4, 2019

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During the winter months, since people can’t focus on the outside of their house and their gardens, people start to look towards the inside of the house. Getting areas of the house clean and clutter free and renovating becomes a priority. If you are want to update the hallway and entranceway in your home, I have some ideas featuring items from LionsHome.

Ideas for updating your hallway and entrance

A kitchen with a sink and a mirror

The entrance way is one of the first things that your guests see when they come to your home. I am sure you have heard the saying about first impressions. You want the area that your guests see to look fantastic and set the tone for your house.


An entranceway is a place that can gather a lot of clutter. As people come in the house, it seems to be the natural reaction to just drop everything as you come in. There are many types of storage solutions in the hallway and entrance way. Looking at hallway storage ideas on LionsHome, there are storage ideas for coats and shoes, for hiding things out of view and creating an interesting space.

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When coming into a doorway, entranceway or hallway, the walls can look bare. To bring more appeal to the area and create a welcoming space, included frames pictures on the way. You can have photos of family and friends or use framed art pieces. You can even do something a little different and frame drawings from little ones in the family. If you are an avid traveller, frame postcards and create a memory space of the places you have been.


The hallway and entrance way can be a high traffic area. That means that a lot of people travel through the area. You want to have a low maintenance solution. Carpet can be troublesome because it will need to vacuumed often as well as it can wear out quickly. Think about flooring solutions that are easy to clean and will have a long life in the high traffic area. Think long-lasting hardwood floors or tiles. These are easy to clean and look fabulous. If you are looking for a low-cost idea, think about vinyl. There are many vinyl choices that resemble hardwood or luxury tiles for a smaller price tag.

If you are thinking about renovating and restyling your entranceway or hallway, these tips can be a help in getting the desired look you want.

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  • The Reading Residence March 5, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    This is a well-timed read as we’re planning to redecorate our hallway next week. I like to keep it clutter-free and we’re giving the floor and walls a freshen up. It is nice to make that initial impression a good one.

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