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January 20, 2020

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Finding a way to add a unique touch to your home is pretty great, but how in the world can you really make that happen? If you’re looking for something new and different to switch up the look of the interior if your home, you might need to point your focus on your current staircase. A simple changing of how it looks or where it’s positioned is a super simple way to create an entirely different space in your living area inside your home. 

Let your staircase be your focal point

It’s no secret that there’s always one thing that catches people’s eyes when they walk into a house…it might be the kitchen, the light fixtures, or maybe the colour scheme that is painted on the walls. But does it have to be that way? What if you could add a taste of class and allow parts of a staircase to become the focal point in your house? 

With the offerings at Fontanot UK, you can. You can easily change your staircase to make it be the star of the show in your house. And they know that they’re doing as well. Not only do they have rave reviews, but their company has been growing and making homes happy for three generations. 

Why you should consider a spiral staircase?

Let’s be real…have you ever considered a circular staircase in your home? If not, you really should. There are so many reasons to use them and we’ll dive into that right now. 

They give you so much more room

In general, spiral staircases are smaller in size and stature. This means that you can have them in your home and not have to worry about taking up a huge chunk of your house. You’ll find that a lot of people like to use them in areas that lead up to lofts, attics, or smaller spaces like that. 

They just look really cool! 

If you’ve never viewed a spiral staircase before, you’re missing out. They’re literally like something out of a fairy tale. Almost like a lifesize corkscrew. They’re the best. You can even have them designed in a way that fits your space and colour scheme as well so there really isn’t any reason not to have one! 

They’re affordable

Are you worried about how much something like this will cost? Don’t be! They’re super affordable and easy to get set up. It’s time to stop letting overpriced items stop you in your tracks and have you frozen in place. If you’re ready to make a change, you can do so with a simple staircase change.

They’re fun! 

As long as you’re being safe on your staircase, spiral staircases can be a lot of fun! Just make certain that everyone holds the handrails going up and down and you shouldn’t have any sorts of issues. In fact, you just might find that you enjoy climbing the stairs to a spiral staircase a lot more than the steps of a traditional staircase. There’s just no denying how much fun they really are.

Combine function and fashion

It’s time to take charge of the interior of your home and combine function and fashion. Adding in a spiral staircase or other fun elements like that is always a good choice. It allows the interior of your home to be used in a way that is functional, without being bulky or clunky. 

And as you’re using those stairs every single day, you just might find that you’re loving the option of being able to go up and down them easily as well. Make the interior of your home unique with some fun steps! 

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