Four ways to transform your hallway

January 13, 2020

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The hallway can quite often be an area of the home that is overlooked, Simply a place in which you pass through as you move from one room to another. A high traffic area, as well as the first room guests and family, will see when visiting. So maybe it is time to transform this space. Making it both a functional, practical area as well as being pleasing to the eye.


The chances are your hallway contains the same carpet as your stairway. Continuing the practical, hardwearing design down the stairwell and into the high traffic hallway area. However, unlike your stairs, your hallway will often have people utilising the space wearing shoes, placing boxes and parcels, shopping bags etc. Making a carpet not necessarily practical. Changing this to wooden flooring will add the practical flooring that is much more suited to a high traffic area. Enabling it to be cleaned more efficiently and effectively.

Wooden flooring also offers a warmer feel underfoot than floor tiles (unless you go for underfloor heating) meaning that you don’t have to dash across it first thing in a morning as you forgot your slippers upstairs. Available in a variety of styles and colours you’re able to find something to match the style of your home.


Even if you are lucky enough to have an understairs cupboard for storage. There is a high possibility that this is more a cupboard of doom than organised storage. So the option to store footwear and coats etc. might not be a practical one. Adding a coat storage rack near the front door – especially with a small bench to sit on and to store shoes etc. This will help to improve your everyday storage needs with a simple flat pack. Leaving you to tackle the cupboard of doom another day.

Radiator Cover

Central heating was a fantastic invention I’m sure you’ll all agree. However, the traditional style of radiators found in our homes aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye. Whilst you could replace the radiator with something more modern and stylish. This may come with a hefty price tag. An easy and cheaper option is to add a radiator cover. Available in a choice of colours, sizes and styles. This can also provide a handy shelf within the hallway – perfect if space is at a premium.

Gallery Wall

One of the benefits of hallways is that other than doorways they tend to have more open wall space than you’d find in other rooms around the house. Thus making it the perfect place to create a gallery wall. Whether you opt for a randomised collection of frames and sizes. Or prefer a more structured approach, it will make you smile as you catch a glimpse of a family photo.

There you have it, just four ways in which you can transform your hallway. There are loads of other ways in which you can make this area much more inviting. Such as changing the colour on the walls, adding a feature wall, changing your front door and even replacing the balustrade on your staircase.

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