#LittleLoves - September 2020

Book Series, Floor is Lava and Back To School #LittleLoves

September 25, 2020

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September always feels like a month when I need to readjust several areas of my life. Between the children returning to school, taking a look at my work/life balance and starting planning for birthday and Christmas season. This year feels like a bigger adjustment after having the children home for six months and me looking to return to employment away from the home. I think I’m starting to get back into a routine, although I’m feeling somewhat exhausted.

This month’s #LittleLoves…

#LittleLoves Book Series


This month I have found myself reading a few book series. The slightly shorter novels within the series allow me to read them in an evening so I’m still able to enjoy the story between the characters in the shorter time I now have available. The follow-up books in the series offer a chance to discover the other characters in greater detail whilst the storylines interlink with each other.


I’m tending to shy away from watching the TV at the moment. Not feeling the pull to watch a TV programme or explore Netflix. I have, however, sat and watched the Floor is Lava series with the children which they really loved. Recreating their won mazes across the lounge floor with cushions from the sofa.


Being back at my desk feels good and surprisingly is making me feel more organised and productive. With background music via the Amazon Echo playing 90s and 00s tracks. So good to sing along to the songs from my younger days (that makes me sound and feel VERY old) whilst I tick things off my to-do list.


Wishing to lead a more healthier lifestyle we have added a cross trainer to the garage. I had been wearing an old pair of leggings whilst I worked out, however, I treated myself to a pair of sports leggings. They feel so much more comfortable – I can see why Roo opts to wear these around the house and for her dancing etc.


Photography is a big part of blogging and social media. Creating a visual to work alongside the written word. This month I have taken the plunge and set up a photography area with different photography backdrops to help make it easier and hopefully improve some of my photos.


The children returned to school this month after being home for six months (with the exception of Piglet who had a couple of weeks at preschool before the summer). It feels strange having them away from me during the day, but also allows us to return the process of ‘normal’ life once again. Fingers crossed that they are able to continue with their studies, rather than going back to learning from home.

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