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Life in Lockdown | We’ve Got This – I think! {Week 6}

April 26, 2020

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Life In Lockdown… The past week I’ve felt a little lacklustre, feeling out of sorts but unable to put my finger on the problem. It could be one of many things or a combination of them all. The sense of not being quite good enough, somewhat of a failure and a dose of guilt all sandwiched in there for good measure, Despite my ‘meh’ state we’ve had a fairly good week and I think we’ve got this life in lockdown.

Life In Lockdown {Week 6}

Life in Lockdown
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Return to homeschooling

With the Easter holidays over it was time to return to homeschooling. The schools ramped up the worksheets, activities and resources available for the children. Although we have three children in different age groups it is a bit of a juggling act to ensure they are all set up and able to get on with the tasks that they’ve been set.

  • Google Classroom – The high school is continuing to utilise Google Classroom to set work schedules for Roo. With each subject offering an array of work for her. She’s got herself into a routine of completing things. Although is struggling with some areas, which she can email her teacher or ask us – but it’s not quite the same.
  • Zoom – Alongside Google Classroom the high school are also offering a number of activities via Zoom. For Roo, this means that she is still able to partake in her weekly dance lessons.
  • Seesaw – Tigger’s primary school has introduced Seesaw for KS1 and KS2 pupils. A new platform for us but so far so good. Activities and resources are set for him to read, interact with and complete. It’s great to see that they are adding a mixture of activities from video/audio, drawing and text to be completed.
  • Tapestry – For the EYFS pupils the primary school are continuing with their use of Tapestry. Something that we regularly received updates from what Piglet has been completing in preschool. Now that we are homeschooling they have requested that we submit our own updates at least three times a week.

Housewife 49

When social distancing and life in lockdown commenced and I started to write these weekly updates of our time. It was the Housewife 49 film that prompted me to journal my way through the new life that we are experiencing.

Whilst feeling a little ‘meh’ this week I opted to re-watch Housewife 49 whilst What The Dad Said was on a late shift. Starring the late, great Victoria Wood it follows the story of Nella Last who suffers from her nerves and is encouraged by her younger son to write wartime diaries for the Mass Observation project. Following her throughout World War II, her highs, her lows, joining the WVS and family conflicts. She is someone I can easily identify with and I laughed and cried along with her. Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

Work guilt

What The Dad Said continues to work additional hours to cover those in self-isolation and to help feed the nation. However, it’s also helping us as my work has almost dried up. Something I am feeling all the guilt about. Whilst the time at home, with the children etc. is wonderful I do feel as though I’m not pulling my weight financially. Especially as I have to wait until at least June before I can apply for any self-employed government assistance. I feel so guilty that he is having to go out to work whilst I’m at home.

Who knows what the future holds and whether our working lives will be different after the pandemic has started to return to ‘normal’.


Possibly the biggest reason why I have felt off-balance this week is down to my sleeping pattern – or lack of it. I’m slap bang in the middle of a bout of insomnia. Never a fun place to be. I’m utterly exhausted, however, the minute I get into bed my eyes ping open and my mind races through anything and everything. From worries about the next day, conversations I had 20+ years ago. Reliving all those OMG and WTF moments that I’d like to think that we’ve all had. I know that this will pass but when I’m lying in bed, tossing and turning, it feels like the longest time.

Are you managing to get a grasp on life in lockdown?

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