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Life In Lockdown | Best Laid Plans {Week 37}

November 29, 2020

The past week life in lockdown has felt like a long one, the days never-ending and far too much whizzing through my mind. Certainly, one that I’m thankful to bid farewell to and hope that the feeling of failure I’ve held on to all week subsides much sooner than I expect it will.

Crashed and burned

Following my recent successful virtual interview, I approached this week anticipating life back at work full-time. With a night shift contract via an agency, it was to the financial boost that we needed as well as an opportunity to add to my CV. However, on my second training shift, I threw up and had to come home – which left me without a contract as I hadn’t completed my training.

Leaving me feeling like a big fat failure and major disappointment. Letting myself and most importantly my family down. Whilst getting sick can’t be helped, it is what it is and all that. It doesn’t replace my feelings of failing at the first hurdle. Fingers crossed that something else comes along.

High school COVID cases

Another week and more emails from Roo’s high school informing us of COVID-19 positive cases. To date there are six pupils and one member of admin staff who have tested positive. Fortunately, none of these cases has meant that Roo has been in close contact and therefore hasn’t has to self-isolate. Although it is worrying , with almost 1200 pupils in her school it was always likely that there would be cases.

Life In Lockdown - Week 37 (Piglet birthday)

Piglet turns five

In the blink of an eye, my youngest baby turned five this week. Having her birthday in the same month as her siblings but towards the end has left her counting down the days until it was her turn for celebrations. Thankfully she had a lovely day, managing to open her presents and cards before school. As well as enjoying her school friends singing happy birthday and doing birthday claps for her. A relatively quiet affair given life in lockdown and that What The Dad Said had to work a late shift.

Tier 2 lockdown

As the second national lockdown end date approaches, I like many others waited to hear what tier our county would be in. Norfolk, as it stands at the moment, will be in tier 2 lockdown. Which allows some movement on restrictions than we have currently. If I’m honest, I thought that we would be in tier 3 lockdown due to the number of local cases. But I guess time will see whether we move up or down the restriction tiers.

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