Life In Lockdown | A little bit of normality {Week 16}

July 5, 2020

Time to say goodbye to June and hello to July! Another new month started whilst life continues in lockdown. The restrictions are easing with a load of places and businesses able to reopen from yesterday. We haven’t rushed to the pub, a restaurant or attractions and possibly won’t be for a while yet. However, it is good in some ways to see a little bit of normality returning to the world around us.

I’m lovin’ it

During my usual Thursday chore day, I took Tigger along with me for the ride. Admittedly he wasn’t that enthusiastic about it but he hopped in the car with me. After completing all the bits I needed to do I did a pitstop into McDonald’s on the way home as a treat for him. Watching him tuck into chicken nuggets and fries was wonderful. Being a selective eater, there are few things that he truly enjoys, however, McDonald’s is one of them.

Preschool reports

It was Piglet’s turn to get her preschool report this week. It’s always lovely to see how others view her personality and how she interacts at preschool. She’s meeting all the expectations for her age and is on target for starting school in September.

Family time

For the first time since before lockdown down started we were able to meet up with What The Dad Said‘s sister and her family. So lovely for the children to see their cousins and spend time together.

Under the weather

This week has passed in a bit of a foggy blur for me if I’m honest. Having a headache/groggy feeling for the past 10 days or so. Having exhausted all the usual remedies at home, I finally gave in a completed my details on the NHS site which triggered me for a COVID-19 callback. With a slight temperature, headache and sore throat the advisor chatted to me about how I was feeling. Thinking it was more of an infection they sent my details to the out of hours service. As well as advising me to book a COVID-19 swab test just in case – which came back negative. The out of hours called me back and prescribed antibiotics for a sinus, throat and ear infection – no wonder my head has been feeling fuzzy. Fingers crossed the antibiotics kick in soon.

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