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Father’s Day Gift Guide | Ideas on how to say thank you to the man in your life

May 31, 2024

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about what your dad, grandad or another significant man in your life would like to receive as a Father’s Day gift. Buying gifts for men can be tricky at the best of times as they are known for not really giving you many hints about what they are wanting.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for that special man in your life

Taking a look at their hobbies, lifestyle and style is one sure-fire way to find something that will bring a smile to their faces as your attempt to say thank you for everything they have done for you. Let’s take a look at some top Father’s Day gift ideas I have gathered

Rest Easy with Simba Pillows

Simba Hybrid® Pillow

Life as a dad can be hectic at the best of times and any parent will tell you that it is not about the quantity of sleep you receive, it is the quality! This is why ensuring that dad can get the best night’s sleep as possible is one of the best gifts you can give him. Simba offer a range of pillows that can help dad rest his head and drift off to dreamland whilst feeling supported and comfortable.

  • The Stratos® pillow offers wonderfully cushioned support for your head and neck, as well as our innovative Stratos ‘cool-touch’ tech for extra freshness. It’s all thanks to Simba Renew Bio™, our down-like clusters of soft, springy filler, and a fresh cotton cover featuring the Stratos® technology.
  • Looking for your perfect pillow? The Hybrid® Pillow is your best option; unlike typical memory foam pillows, you can adjust it to your preferred height and softness thanks to our innovative Nanocube® inner pillow. It also features a soft, cushioning outer sleeve and a cotton cover with Stratos® ‘cool-touch’ tech.
  • Lovers of firm pillows, then the Hybrid® Firm Pillow is one’s for you. Discover the more supported sleep you’ve been dreaming of, thanks to an inner pillow of foam-enclosed Aerocoil® springs; just layer it up with the two softer pillows of Simba Renew™ in the order you prefer. Includes a cool, cotton cover with Stratos® cool-touch tech.

Shuffle Up the Fun with Shuffle Games Retro

Elevate family game time with the Shuffle Games Retro selection of card games. Whilst snap, patience and go fish all have their place in card game history, it doesn’t mean that these are the only games to be enjoyed with Dad.

It’s time to shuffle things up and treat Dad to a new card game this Father’s Day new card game based on one of his retro favourite films.

  • Back To The Future Card Game – Teamwork is of utmost importance here. Work together to get the Delorean to 88mph and go back to the future!
  • E.T. Phone Home Card Game – Help E.T. phone home before the Agents find him! Work together using Action cards and manipulate the card deck to find E.T’s Phone parts hidden within.
  • Jaws Card Game – Setting the scene: The vessel ‘Orca’ roams the waters to hunt Jaws, and a shark fin has been sighted. BEACH CLOSED! The great white creeps under the surface looking for a meal, and alas, three innocent swimmers are still in the water…
  • Knight Rider Card Game – Lifelong rivals KITT and KARR go head-to-head in a destructive battle for victory. Drain your opponent’s energy by racing around the map and performing stunts to either attack or defend.

Create Smell Memories

Very Boss Bottled Aftershave - Father's Day Gift Guide

Whilst giving smellies can often feel like a little bit of a cop-out gift when it comes to men, it is one of the most obvious things that we associate with them. Children especially can smell their dad’s favourite aftershave or body spray and automatically think of the man in their lives that offers them love and support whenever they need it – as well as the best hugs when they get the chance to snuggle into that comforting smell.

Put your feet up with GreatBeanBags

GreatBeanBags Foot Stool

For those moments when dad is attempting to sit down after a busy day or snuggling up on the sofa for family film night, why not treat him to a bean bag footstool? This makes a fantastic Father’s Day gift as it is a flexible item that can be utilised as a stool for when they are playing board games at the coffee table, a footstool to allow them to put their feet up and an occasional snack table placing a tray on top with movie snacks.

Available in a wide range of sizes, fabrics and colours from GreatBeanBags, you’ll be sure to find one to match their style.

Treat Him Experience Box

With our Treat Him experience box, we’ve hand-picked the finest selection of Tasty Treat, Driving Blast and Adrenaline Adventure experiences to create the perfect gift for any man. Featuring everything from zorbing to supercar driving, gourmet dinners to overnight glamping breaks, we’ve collected a spectacular selection of experiences to suit every taste, available at venues UK wide.

The power of listening

Very Beats Headphones - Father's Day Gift Guide

There is no doubt that the man in our life lives in a technological world. It is something that has been growing year by year and the recent pandemic really hit home just how much we all tend to lean on technology for a number of different uses. This is why gift him a pair of Beats Headphones might be the ideal gift for him, whether he is looking to listen to podcasts, audiobooks or music. Available in a variety of different styles from earphones and buds, wireless headphones or over-ear headphones – plus colour options to suit his personal preference.

May the force be with him

If the significant man in your life loves to watch Star Wars, then you may want to consider a purchase from the array of themed books, accessories and clothing available from the franchise.

  • Star Wars Thrawn & Aftermath Trilogy 6 Books Collection featuring all the books from two popular Star Wars trilogies. Available to buy from Books2Door.
  • The Original Stormtrooper Neon Tube Light £21.99 from IWOOT Set the right vibe in any room with this striking Original Stormtrooper Neon Tube Light. Neon-white light brings the light side to the dark side.
  • Serve up your tipple with the Hi-Ball Glasses which come in a pack of 4, 2 clear, and black are a great way to enjoy a drink or two. The Stormtrooper Hi-Ball Glasses cost £20 from Argos

Add a little colour to their Sock Drawer

The Yorkshire Sock Company Socks For Jeans Collection - Father's Day Gift Guide

Whoever said that socks are meant to be boring and practical has clearly never seen the fun and funky socks available from The Yorkshire Sock Company. Take the Socks for Jeans collection is designed to complement your dad’s favourite denim and the Bright Everyday Merino Socks are no exception. With four colourful options in each gift box, this set is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Men Wear Shakeup

Whilst the man in your life might not have his skincare regime down to a tee like you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give him a helping hand. The men’s makeup and skincare range is perfect for providing an easy regime that he can do daily, helping to ensure that his skin is left hydrated and soft, especially for when you get one of his loving cuddles.

Formulated and produced in the UK, Shakeup’s innovative and vegan-friendly range blurs the barriers between effective skincare and colour-corrective cosmetics.

  • Hydrate In A Hurry: Moisturiser Stick, a travel-friendly solid moisturiser cools and soothes with Witch Hazel and Cucumber Extract. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E to instantly hydrate and moisturise skin. Suitable for daily or overnight, or on the go whenever needed.
  • You Do The Mask: Purifying Charcoal & Clay Mask, s mess-free Coconut Charcoal mask stick that draws out impurities, whilst hydrating and nourishing skin with Coconut Extract. Absorbs excess oils and unclogs pores with detoxifying Kaolin Clay. Use 2-3 times a week.

Totally Booked with Books2Door

Books2Door Hobbit & LOTR boxset - Father's Day Gift Guide

Whether the man in your life is an avid reader or you simply want to add some new books for him to read to you at bedtime, Books2Door have you covered. Purchasing a book or a collection of books really is the gift that keeps on giving. One that can be enjoyed time and time again by both the recipient and their family/friends.

Kikkerland Camera Multi-Tool

Kikkerland Camera Multi-Tool

The Kikkerland Camera Multi-Tool is a credit card-sized gadget that has tonnes of uses. The slim tool is perfect for photographers and its space-saving design allows it to slot into pockets or even be used as a keychain. With 13 functions it has everything a photographer will need to keep snapping outside.

Designed to look like a classic camera and made from stainless steel it won’t look great on a rucksack and won’t break. Created by Kikkerland the Camera Multi-Tool includes:

  • Saw blade
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillip screwdriver
  • 2 x Wrenches
  • Blade
  • Prybar nail puller
  • Direction auxiliary
  • Bottle opener
  • Butterfly screw wrench
  • Ruler
  • Sunny 16 rule guide
  • Keyhole

RUGD Power Brick Portable Battery & Camping Night

Get outdoors and embrace the sense of adventure with RUGD. Whether hiking, climbing mountains, biking, jogging, or camping the RUGD Power Brick is an all-in-one Power Bank and Camping Light that’s here to make outdoor adventures worth it. Ideal for all outdoor lovers types and even content creators. The RUGD Power Brick is packed with tech features that will keep you fully charged throughout your adventure.

The RUGD Power Brick is the must-have power device for outdoors, with a 10,050mAh Battery Capacity, it will top up smartphones 2-3 times. With Fast-Charge it can top up the latest Apple, iPads, and Samsung devices to 50% in just 30 minutes. With 2 ports; 1 x USB-C PD 18W Input and Output port and 1 x USB-A Quick Charge Output port you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

It comes with a carabiner to easily clip on and off to bags, equipment, tents, and more. With a super bright light, it can be used in multiple ways, with 2 light modes it can be used as a night light in tents or in the brightest mode as a torch. With 6 LEDs at 1300 lumens, it really packs a punch. With SOS functionality the light is an essential item for adventurers. 

The RUGD Power Brick Portable Battery & Camping Night/SOS Light costs £49.99 from Rugdlife.com

Orb Mini Arcade Machine

Relive hours of video game nostalgia with the Micro Arcade Machine! Loaded with 240 fun games, this console is integrated with an enhanced screen rear light to suit both bright and dim lighted environments. Available to buy from Amazon.

  • 240 Built-in 8-Bit Games
  • 1 Player
  • 8-way control joystick and 2 buttons
  • 80’s Inspired Retro Gaming
  • Requires 3 x AA Batteries

ORB NASA Telescope

Start the journey into space exploration and embrace the night sky. Look at the stars as they twinkle, planets as they glow, shooting stars, and even satellites as they move around our world.

Discover the stunning sights of the cosmos with the powerful NASA telescope. Look into dark skies to view an astonishing array of celestial objects near and far. The easy-to-move telescope is the perfect starting place to encourage and nurture an interest in our galaxy. Whether looking through the window, taking it into the garden, or even taking it into a field to get less light pollution, everyone will be amazed by seeing space up close through a lens. 

The telescope includes a finder scope, variable height tripod, and two eyepieces. With an F12mm 50x and 1F6mm 100x lens, the telescope provides great magnification through a clear lens. Enjoying the stars around the sky helps provide a special place of relaxation and intrigue, whether looking as an induvial and enjoying some quiet contemplation or as a family and watching the excitement getting ignited by discovering our universe. Guaranteed to raise more questions about the universe, sparking a new interest is the perfect way to begin a space journey.

The ORB NASA Telescope costs £39.99 from IWantOneOfThose.com

Hopefully, these Father’s Day gift ideas will help you say thank you
and treat the man in your life

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