Life In Lockdown | Back To School {Week 26}

September 13, 2020

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After half a year living life in lockdown, I’m not sure that I thought we would still be here. When this all started I was a little dismissive about it and wrongly assumed that it would be another swine flu or bird flu epidemic. COVID-19, however, is certainly far more wide-spreading that I could have ever have imagined. Something that is going to be in our lives for far longer than the twenty-six weeks we have already had in lockdown.

With the children returning to school this week and the majority of our lives returning to ‘normal’. I had thought that this might be the end of my life in lockdown updates. The news of restrictions coming back into place as well as the increase in infection rates has made me feel as though we are stepping backwards. Unsure whether we have pushed opening schools and businesses too soon. It’s a catch-22 situation as we need things to be open in order for the economy to continue. However, if people aren’t following the guidelines regarding masks, hand washing and social distancing then it is inevitable that harsher restrictions need to be in place.

Life In Lockdown {Week 26}

Back to School

A last-minute dash to ensure that Tigger was ready for school on Monday. I still don’t know why I thought that he was back on Wednesday alongside the girls. Luckily we had everything and we’ve adjusted to his new school times.

Roo returned to the high school Wednesday and has managed with the bus journey back and forth – Thankfully the local bus company have put on a special service for morning and afternoon from our estate directly to the school. A change of timetable and the way things are completed at school but she appears to be getting on OK. With VISA points already earned and sets for subjects assigned.

Wednesday afternoon finally signalled the time for Piglet to start in Reception class. She’s been pining to go since before the summer holidays but especially after seeing her siblings head off to school. She’s living every minute of it and I’m sure that the teachers are discovering her sassy personality. She’ll be attending full time from next week – fingers crossed she is still enjoying it then.

Adjusting to a new routine

It’s been a while since we relied upon alarms and reminders for both the early morning routine and also the bedtime routine. I have set up all the alarms and reminders we need via our Amazon Echo. Making sure everyone is up, getting ready or reminding me of the impending school run timings.

With Piglet only on half days at school this week I haven’t been able to throw myself into my work routine as I’d hoped. With emails, notifications and campaigns still sitting in my inbox or on my to-do list. Fingers crossed I can hit the ground running this coming week.

Happy birthday What The Dad Said

A low-key birthday for What The Dad Said this year. With presents and cards exchanged at home, followed by a takeaway for tea. Usually, we’d head out somewhere for the day or for dinner. However, this year we are financially restricted as well as away from family and friends.

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