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FAMILY LIFE | The decision not to do residential camp

November 1, 2018

At the beginning of the school year, I knew that there would be a letter coming home regarding Whitwell residential camp for Tigger. In Year 3 the children are invited to attend for three days of residential stay. Taking part in a host of activities.

Whilst Roo had previously attended residential camp at Whitwell. I already know that when it would come round for Tigger’s turn he would not be attending. Any of you who have read my blog for some time will know that Tigger suffers from Selective Eating Disorder. What started as fussy eating and needing to be introduced to foods again following chickenpox complications and a hospital stay when he was 15 months old.

Over the years we have found that this was so much more than fussy eating. Whilst attending a nutritional conference last year I discovered that it was in fact Selective Eating Disorder. Something that was brought on following a trauma, with my special care baby unit children experiencing this following being ‘forced’ fed their feeds by tubes etc.

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Now given that Tigger eats a selected range of beige, carb based foods. This does not bode well for life camping in a field where there is a set menu.

During parents evening I discussed my concerns with his teacher. Although he would be more than capable of the activities it was the prospect of him not eating for three days that worried me. The residential camp is only a 20-30 minute journey from where we live so I did offer to that I could bring him lunches every day. However, this wouldn’t solve the evening meals which are likely to be BBQ’s, curry etc. None of which he will eat.

Although his teacher said that she would discuss things with the schools nurture leas. I knew in my heart that there wouldn’t be an easy workaround solution to this. Not to mention a way that it wasn’t obvious to his friends that he was eating different foods.

So the decision not to do residential camp was made. Discussed with Tigger who was fine about not attending. And will attend school as normal on those days, as they put on an additional class for the children who don’t attend for a variety of reasons (cost, carer commitments etc.).

It will be strange to see his class head off without him but not eating for three days just isn’t acceptable. And he has the temperament that wouldn’t say that he is hungry or ask for something different that which is being offered at the time.

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