4 Subtle Ways You Can Improve Your Master Bedroom

4 Subtle Ways You Can Improve Your Master Bedroom

December 9, 2021


The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. However, redecorating your own bedroom can often become less important when you have kitchens to redecorate and children’s bedrooms to paint. Work commitments can also make it exceedingly challenging to dedicate time to just decorating, so a good idea may be to do it bit by bit, and over time you will have the perfect master bedroom.

Change your curtain rails

Often our curtain rails are something that we completely overlook when decorating a room, but sleek and clean curtain rails can really make the area surrounding your window look much nicer. You could even have your curtain rails custom made so that your rails are unique to your room. Or, you could have all of your curtain rails made the same way. This would give your rooms a running similarity throughout all of the bedrooms in your home. 

4 Subtle Ways You Can Improve Your Master Bedroom

Brighten the room with flowers

This may be particularly useful for those of you who have very neutral colours in your bedroom. A vase of flowers can bring some life to the room, and depending on the time of year; you could even get seasonal-themed flowers at Christmas and Halloween to get in the spirit. In addition, you could purchase fake flowers so that way they last forever, and you do not need to think about replacing them every few weeks.

Be careful not to display too many vases of flowers in one room, though, as this can be overpowering. You will also need to be cautious about glass vases if you have small children who could knock them over, so plastic vases or jars may be better if you have a young family.

Be clever with storage

Unfortunately, smaller bedrooms can be challenging to keep tidy, especially if you have a lot of belongings to store somewhere. Therefore, you should think of ways to be clever with your storage that will allow you to make the most of the space you have available to you. For example, you could buy storage boxes from IKEA and store these with some of your shoes or handbags under your bed. That way, your belongings will be out of the way and out of sight but still easy to reach. You could also see about building a built-in wardrobe into your room, and that way, you will not have a big clunky cabinet making it difficult to get around your room

Hang up some pictures

Bare walls can often make a room look too big and empty, so filling those blank walls with some pictures may be good. These can be family photographs or just lovely paintings or designs that you find when you are out shopping for some room inspiration. Similarly to flowers, you do not want to overdo it with pictures; a few on one wall or some in frames around your room is enough. Too many can be overwhelming and make your room feel cluttered.

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