Monthly Goals - December

Monthly Goals | December 2021

November 30, 2021

Each month I highlight my monthly goals, partly to make myself accountable for the plans, tasks and goals that I include. But also in the hope that it inspires you to make a little list of monthly goals that you’d like to achieve for the month ahead. Helping you realise that you achieve more than you possibly give yourself credit for.

November has been a month for burning the candle at both ends. Spending much of the month feeling as though I was constantly chasing my tail. A while combination of things has been on my plate this past month leaving me utterly exhausted at times (and full of a stinking cold). Thank goodness for What The Dad Said ensuring that I’m fed and watered, as well as sending me off to bed for an early night or two when my eyes were struggling to stay open.

How did I get on with last months goals?

A busy month was always going to be on the cards for November, with my November monthly goals reflecting this. And whilst I have deviated off the path a little across the month, I have managed to knuckle down and tackle a large number of things off my to-do list and monthly goals.

Christmas Gift Guides

My love/hate battle with Christmas Gift Guides almost beat me this year. Dealing with all the emails, deliveries, graphics and planning that goes into them. That being said it is lovely to see them all go live and hopefully inspire you all for what you could buy this Christmas. Plus, I’ve been fortunate enough to add in a giveaway to the majority of them to give a little something back to all my fabulous readers for their continued support. As well as being able to donate the submissions to the children’s school to help local families.

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

I’m often asked whether we planned to have all three children’s birthdays in the same month – erm no! Also whether it is a challenging task, which in some ways it is, however, as all my family’s birthdays are in December I don’t know any different but to celebrate a bunch of birthdays all at once – there is never such a thing as too much cake!

Usually, we have planned a short trip away or days out for their birthdays, However, after a busy October half term, we had quieter birthday celebrations. But each of the children enjoying their special day with cards, presents and cake. I can’t believe how quickly the years have gone and to think that Roo is now 15 years old makes me feel very old.

Merry Christmas From Us to You

Determined to get organised and ensure we have budgeted accordingly we have bought almost all of the Christmas (and my family’s birthday) gifts. As well as making a start on all the wrapping on the evenings when What The Dad Said is at work. It will be lovely when it is all finished and I don’t have to panic wrap gifts in the days leading up to Christmas.

Monthly Goals - December 2021

My plans and goals for December

I always ponder whether or not to make monthly goals in December. whilst the majority of the month will be focused on family festive fun, I worry that if I don’t set any monthly goals that I will fall off the bandwagon and getting back into the swing of things in January will be difficult. So I’m going to set some goals and hope that my focus and time allow for me to complete them.

Dear Santa

We’ve reached the age where only Piglet is the true believer in Santa. Whilst Roo and Tigger are happy to follow in the magic of the season it is through different eyes to those of little Piglet. Last year we didn’t get to visit a Sanat so there is a big part of me wanting to make sure that we do visit this year. Although Puglet as yet hasn’t mentioned anything about seeing Santa in his grotto. We need to look into where we are able to visit and book tickets.

Driving home for Christmas

It has been almost two years since the children last saw my family. Due to illness and the pandemic, we haven’t been able to visit. Unable to live with the potential consequences of passing further germs/viruses to my may who is classified as clinically vulnerable. After being double jabbed and Roo receiving her vaccine too, I’m hoping we can squeeze in a day trip ‘up north’ for a mini family Christmas – and a long-overdue hug with my mam.

Planning for the year ahead

Like many people all over the world, our lives changed when COVID-19 took hold. The work/life balance we had set up suddenly was turned on its head. Whilst I had always thought about returning to the workplace once Piglet was established in full-time school. The downturn in my freelance and blog income forced my hand. Now I’m juggling working three days a week for the NHS whilst completing my blog work in the evening and the remaining work days of the week. But is this how I hope to continue for the coming years? Do I look to go full-time and have a regular income coming in each month? Or do I look at ways to increase my self-employed income?

What monthly goals do you have for the month ahead?

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