How to keep your bedroom cool in the summer

July 28, 2021

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Keeping cool in the summer is something we struggle to do here in the UK. There is an element of humidity, the lack of breeze in the night, and the reliance on a fan. There are many things that we do to help ourselves stay cool and a lot has to do with our interiors.

We can often manage to keep our homes cool in areas we use during the day. Opening windows, creating air flows throughout the home and using appliances like the oven less. But we can all still struggle at night. However, there are things that you can do to keep your bedroom cool and to help you sleep a little easier. A few changes to your interiors and investment in particular things could make all of the difference. I have shared some of the things that you could do. 

Simple decoration is key 

If you think about properties abroad, the exterior walls are white and the interior walls follow the same theme. It is bright, light and airy colours that are used and nothing too dark or overwhelming. While the exterior white walls serve more of a purpose, the lighter and brighter walls inside can give you the feeling of being cooler. Imagine seeing bright red walls on a hot day, mentally you may feel hotter.

Decorate your bedroom walls with lighter shades and you will start to notice the difference in how your room feels on those extra hot days. 

Think about how you dress the windows

Keeping a room dark throughout the day can help to keep it cooler, so often keeping curtains shut can help. So if you haven’t got any it might be time to start thinking about putting some in your bedroom. If you are not so keen on curtains, then blinds can make a big difference. Keep them shut during the day and avoid a darker colour again as it can attract the heat. Keeping windows open and creating an airflow can help you to circulate the air through your home. 

keep your bedroom cool

Changing the duvet and pillows

We all know that when the summer hits, we start to kick off the covers because we get too hot. So a great idea to help you keep cool would be to change the duvet cover to a lower tog. It is a great idea to have a winter duvet and a summer duvet. It keeps things hygienic, especially as we may not wash our duvets as much as we should.

Another thing that you might want to consider is your pillows. We all like to search for the cold spot on a pillow, so changing your pillows to ones that are specific to keeping you cool could be a great way to help you stay cool and have a better night’s sleep. 

The mattress is key 

While it may seem obvious to change your duvet covers and pillows, we often don’t give our mattress a second thought in the summer. When it comes to mattresses, we don’t usually change them until we start to notice a change in how they feel, or if they start to affect our sleep patterns. We know we should be considering changing a mattress every 6-8 years, but in all honesty, some people go beyond that.

I am not saying that you should change your mattress each season, but it might be a good idea to invest in a mattress that works seasonally. A dual-sided hybrid mattress could help you stay comfortable in the summer with an ice cool fabric cover and supportive pocket springs, whilst in the winter the memory foam can keep you warm, simply by flipping it over. We have the Restopaedic Cool Pocket 1000 which works wonders for this. The mattress can play a vital role in how cool, or indeed warm, you are, so this could be a great investment to help you keep cool when you sleep. 

keep your bedroom cool

It doesn’t need to be boring 

While you may be trying to keep things cool in your bedroom for the summer, and using a neutral palette to do that. You don’t need to keep things boring and avoid all bright and dark colours completely. You can add some life to your room by using scatter cushions and throws. You can just be taken them off by the time you are ready for bed. It gives you greater flexibility in changing your theme and colour scheme every now and again.

You can also add pictures to the walls if you are wanting to add some colour or personality to. Whether it is a gallery wall or just a chance to display your favourite artwork, it can help to enhance your bedroom space. 

Keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter at night is vital to help us get the best quality sleep we can. In order to feel at our best the next day. Hopefully, these tips will help you to do that. 

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