Brightening up a minimalist bedroom with bold throws and cushions

August 2, 2021

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Many of us are striving for minimalist homes right now. Not only is it a trend in terms of the interiors and style, but it is also a great way to help with your mental health. Many of us associate a tidy mind with a tidy home. However, while a minimalist home is great, sometimes we still want to be able to add a little personality into some of the rooms in our home.

Your bedroom might be one of them. After all, while it may only be a space that you use frequently, it is still essential for you to love it. So what can you do? I wanted to share with you some of the best ways to transform a minimalist bedroom without losing the feeling you have worked so hard to create. 

Let’s start with the walls 

When it comes to the walls, you may have decided to go with a neutral shade and avoided any bright colours, but even though you want a minimalist bedroom feel, you can still add some personality and colour here. First of all, you could consider a feature wall behind the bed. It is one wall that you might choose to add a contrasting colour or even some wallpaper. However, think about the colours you use. Reds and oranges are reported as not being very soothing when it comes to sleep whereas pastel shades and blues are a lot more calming. However, as it is one wall, you could go a little crazy with it.

Another way to add colour to the walls without the need for decoration is to add some artwork or pictures to the wall. You can be minimalist with the amount you have on the walls, but it can be enough to add a little colour and personality to your bedroom. 

The bed linen and decorating your bed

One of the main focal points of your bedroom will be the bed. So you may want to think about how you decorate it. A great tip would be to be minimalist with the amount you have on your bed, but choose some amazing colours and patterns to add some personality to it.

It could be a good idea to change the cushion covers as and when you fancy a change. This means that you only have a few things displayed, but gives you the chance to change the theme. Cushions and throws are a great way to help your bed come to life. 

A quick note about your bed 

While you may be minimalistic in terms of how much stuff you have, it might have meant that you are being very struct on duvets, pillows and even bedsheets. However, the one thing to remember would be how often these things get cleaned. We often do our bedsheets regularly, and change them often, but what about your pillows and duvets? How often do they get cleaned?

While you don’t want to have excess stuff in your laundry cupboard you could ensure that you make it a habit to clean them more regularly. DUSK performed a survey on this and you can read the results here. 

Having a stock for the seasons 

Season changes mean we often need to change things like duvets and bedsheets regularly. In the summer you want fewer things, but in the winter you may want some extra comfort. If you don’t want to use space for another duvet, you could invest in bedroom throws as an additional layer for the winter. It saves on space but helps you to add some colour and dress up your bed while keeping you warm on those colder evenings. 

Other ways to add colour 

It isn’t just the bed in your bedroom, you may have other pieces of furniture, and while you still want to be minimalistic, you can use these essential items to add colour. First up, look at the furniture you already have and see if you can upcycle it. You could p[aint boring furniture in a brighter colour, or you could reupholster seats and cushions if you want to make some DIY changes to your bedroom.

If you don’t like the idea of doing things yourself, you could reinvest in some key pieces of furniture but look for more colourful and unique items instead. You are still being minimalist by only buying the things that you need, but it gives you the opportunity to add some personality and choose more unique pieces for your room. 

The importance of minimalism in your bedroom 

While you want to add some personality to the space and colour, minimalism in your bedroom serves a purpose. It will help to keep your mind calm at night, especially if you struggle to switch off and fall asleep. A calm space that you love is a key ingredient to this. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to add some colour to your minimalist bedroom. 

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