How to chose the best camera?

I have been saving for a new camera for a while now and have managed to squirrel away a healthy sum via Amazon. However, how do I chose the best camera to buy?

I want a camera that will assist me in taking beautiful pictures of my family, to capture days out, memories and mistakes.

The camera that has been in my mind for many months is the Nikon D3200 Digital SLR Camera, my worry with this camera is that is bulky and heavy so not something I can pop in my changing bag and pull out whilst we are at the park etc. Would I end up using this only occasionally and purchase a regular camera for everyday photos?

However after seeing the amazing Samsung David Bailey adverts my eye is being drawn to the lovely Samsung NX1000. I am drawn to this for many reasons, it is Samsung and I generally love all things Samsung. It is light enough for everyday use, the megapixel quality it still fairly good so hopefully would produce good photos. My main worry is that there is limited options for lens so would this camera offer me a few years of use or would I be itching to replace after a year or so?

Do you have either of these camera?
Would you recommend?
Boo xxx

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