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March 28, 2013
Today I woke up with renewed energy, despite a sleepless night with Tigger. This morning I woke, plodding downstairs, applied my eye awakening gel and started my day.

After completing all the usual household chores I decided today was the day that I tackled de-cluttering of Roo and Tigger’s bedrooms. With our new internal doors and plastering due to start in a few weeks I really needed to sort out their rooms so that it would be easier to move items from one room to another once the work starts.


Every year I say to myself that I am not going to over do it on buying clothes for Roo and Tigger. However year after year I end up sorting out more and more outgrown clothes. It’s the only time that I wish Tigger had been a girl so he could make use of Roo’s old clothes.

A bag of luggage sitting on top of a suitcase
After spending what felt like an age looking through both the age tags and condition of the clothes I ended up with a pile of clothes to throw away and then three black sacks full of clothes that were still in great condition. What to do with them?? Roo’s school have a bags2school collection for clothes but it’s not until the end of April. Music Magpie now offer cash for old clothes, maybe that could be a great way to earn some extra cash… sure saves me freezing my bits off at a carboot sale.


Tigger still had all of his baby toys sitting at the bottom of his toy box and sadly I knew it was time to pack them up. As many were still in great condition I have set them aside and decided to take them to a young mums project to help out those mums that aren’t able to afford all the need for their little ones.

I don’t know how Roo does it, she seems to collect little scraps of paper and tiny pieces of toys that don’t seem to match up with anything. Everytime you pull something out there is just more and more junk hidden. Needless to say I managed to get a few black sacks of rubbish cleared out of her room.

Furniture Move

Tigger doesn’t have much furniture in his room, just his cotbed and chest of drawers. Toy storage has always been an issue but we have never bothered to address. Roo has a cube storage unit in her room that she doesn’t really utilise that much so I decided to move it into Tigger’s room and put his toys along the bottom few cubes and add some of Roo’s higher up. With the addition of the book case from Roo’s room their toys are looking much more organised. Lord knows how long it will last for, I can live in hope that it will inspire them to put their things away.

Hopefully now it will be easier to move the rest of Roo’s toys into Tigger’s room whilst the plastering etc is being carried out. Just need to tackle some more wallpaper stripping.

Boo xxx
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