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Puzzling my life away

October 19, 2014

Ever since an early age I can remember completing puzzles. There is something quite relaxing about sitting down either opening up a puzzle book or unboxing a jigsaw and just letting the time tick by without the noise of the TV, the crash bang of toys or neglecting the housework. After a busy day, or if I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed I pop my PJ’s on, grab a cushion, my puzzle book and puzzle my life away.


My love of jigsaws has to be accredited to my Grandparents – spending time at their house in the school holidays we would complete a new one everyday. They were always completed on the dining table within the kitchen, with my Granny doing the washing in the twin tub or baking some more delicious treats. The problem with them being completed on the dining table is that I was only able to complete them between lunch and tea, so it was always a bit of race against time to get them completed. With an amble supply of visitors calling into my Grandparents house there was always a fresh set of eyes ready to find that piece of sky or foliage that you’d spent that last 20 minutes searching for.

Photo Credit: jhritz via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jhritz via Compfight cc


Wordsearches are my staple puzzle, I usually have a book of them ready to hand whenever I need to just chill out. I do have a little OCD in that I have certain pens that I like to use, there is nothing more annoying that using a pen that doesn’t flow across the page. I love staring at the page and letting the words jump out at me, although my years of practice do annoy Roo when she tries to help me as I always manage to find the words before her.

Photo Credit: Tim Psych via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Tim Psych via Compfight cc


If there is one puzzle that I can not get my head around it has to be Suduko. I can stare that those little grids and my mind just goes blank.


I don’t mind the odd crossword however not being all that great at general knowledge I think that they are best left for those with a better IQ than me.

What is your puzzle of choice?

[box] Ali from www.kidschaos.com loves suduko!

Jenny from www.cheetahsinmyshoes.com  is another suduko fan, especially the extra hard ones

Aly from www.bugbirdbee.co.uk spends half an hour every day doing this www.flaminglunchbox.net/curvy

Cat from www.catsyellowdays.com loves the interactive puzzles I get with my iPad edition of the Times, especially the futoshiki

Helen from www.kiddycharts.com says you can’t beat a themed wordsearch to keep me and the kids happy!

Carolin from www.mummyalarm.co.uk loves everything with words: word search, cross words etc and I find it incredibly relaxing and satisfying. My Nan introduced me to them when I was younger and whenever I go to her house, I get a pile of crosswords to solve for her. She always sends the answers off to magazines and papers and has won a ridiculous amount of prizes over the past couple of years.

Maggy from www.redtedart.com likes number puzzles (but not sudoko!)

Kelly from www.domesticgoddesque.com told me that LBG loves Sudoku – I have to make them up for her, so it’s put me off ever loving them, perosnally I like a good wordsearch

Andrea from allyouneedisloveandcake.co.uk loves a jigsaw

Mari from www.marisworld.co.uk said that Suduko and jigsaws were for her[/box]

What’s your puzzle of choice?

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