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#Blogtober17 // Babies

October 2, 2017

How did you decide how many babies you would have? When Mr. Boo and I had the baby talk we agreed on five children. I joked that we would have our very own five-a-side football team. Mr. Boo would be the coach, whilst I clearly would be in washing, cheerleading and transportation duties. When I pictured our future family, I pictured a house full of boys. The noise, the chaos and the smell of socks to go with them. 

Whilst on our honeymoon we decided that now would be the time to start trying for our first baby. With us wanting to have five it seemed only right that we started early. Unlike others around us falling pregnant didn’t come straightaway for us and we waited a little over two years to welcome our first baby. 

First Born – Roo

A little girl sitting in a parking lot

Making an early arrival, late on bonfire night Roo arrived to the sound of fireworks being set off in the background. As I lay in theatre having an emergency caesarean section I could hear them popping in the night skies that were hidden behind the blinds. As she made her entrance I made the midwives promise that Mr. Boo would be able to tell me what flavour she was.

As it was our first baby we decided to wait n land have a surprise. Which is partly true, in fact, Mr. Boo wanted to know and I was convinced that we were going to be one of those families you read about in the newspaper that had been told the wrong sex at the ultrasound. As it turned out Roo was showing her stubborn side by having her legs crossed at the 20 week scan so we couldn’t find out. 

Discovering that she was a girl was a shock for me, I’d pictured this family of boys for so long. The prospect of having a little girl to look after, however, soon became a reality and her wardrobe was soon full of dresses, frills and all things pink. 

First Son – Tigger 

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Four years and three days later Tigger joined our family. His due date was the day after Roo’s fourth birthday and as she had made an early appearance I was slightly overconfident that he would already be here when I booked her birthday party. Also it was I was one day over due with him and went into labour with him at the party, with 54 children in attendance. After a mammoth 3 hours of opening presents we put Roo to bed and shortly after my waters broke. 

Tigger finally made an appearance the next morning after a bit of a dramatic birth and another emergency caesarean section (and a general anesthetic afterwards). Unlike Roo we already knew that we were expecting a boy as we chose to find out at the 20 week scan. Although I was convinced that he was going to be a girl as I was carrying the same way as I did with Roo. 

His arrival gave us the quintessential perfect family with both a girl and a boy. 

Final Baby – Piglet 

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Five years and 19 days later our final baby arrived and completed our family. Piglet arrived without fuss and bother on her planned elective caesarean section date. Which given that she is our wildchild is quite ironic.

Going on to have a third baby especially when you have one of each flavour, many people felt the need to comment and question why would add another child. Piglet somehow completes our family, she is the missing part of the jigsaw puzzle. Whilst we won’t make it to five babies, it seems that three is the perfect number for us. 

My Babies 

A little girl sitting on a wooden bench

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