My Secret Santa Gift #MSMSecretSanta

At the beginning of the month I accepted a rather lovely challenge from, to take part in their Secret Santa challenge.

Each blogger who took part was given £25 to buy a gift for their #MSMSecretSanta partner.  I was lucky enough to be paired with the lovely Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy.  After receiving my partners details along with their social media details I admit to a little cyber stalking (sorry, but it had to be done).

Shortly after receiving each other details I had a message come through via twitter telling me to expect two deliveries.  Sure enough within a few days the first parcel arrived, a box of 6 Dino red wine… That was Christmas lunch drinks sorted (thank you very much).  The next day a cute little parcel arrived and I wondered what it could be… some (rather delicious) Hotel Chocolat truffles.  I would like to say that I shared these along with the wine but unfortunately not… they were all mine!

What I bought Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy

Like most mums who would give their right arm for a night out it unfortunately does not happen as often as we would like so I opted to try and give her the perfect night out.  Firstly I found out about her love of crime dramas so thought about getting a good book, I managed to find a vintage Penguin novel ‘The Mad Hatter Mystery’, the title tickled me so just had to get it.

I stumbled upon a Dear Santa post she had done back in October and one item listed was pyjamas, you can’t beat a new pair of PJ’s so I headed off in search for a suitable pair.  Although not knowing what size to get I made an educated guess but enclosed a gift receipt just in case.

Upon reading her about me page I saw that she enjoys a nice steak so thought about how I could make this possible, it did cross my mind to do a Tesco home shop but opted for a lovely steak condiments set I found in John Lewis.

With a few pounds left to spare I thought that I would round her evening off with a good cup of tea, so whilst I didn’t supply the tea I did get her a ‘Touch of Frost’ mug to continue the crime drama theme.

I really hope she was pleased with her #MSMSecretSanta gifts, I had great fun selecting what to buy.

What would you buy your Secret Santa?
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received a £25 PayPal credit in order to purchase my secret Santa gifts 

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