Three Top Hair Care Tips For The Party Season

October 12, 2021


It’s important to care for your hair all year round. It’s particularly important to care for your hair over the autumn and winter party season. This is the time when cold, wet weather meets drying indoor heating, hairdryers and hair tools and possibly extra hair dye as well. With that in mind, here are three top hair care tips for the party season.

Invest in a microfiber towel

Hairdryers are great both for styling your hair and for drying in a hurry. There is, however, a price to pay for this convenience. Even the best hair dryers on the coolest settings will do some damage to your hair. Also, they guzzle electricity so they damage your finances too.

Ideally, you should simply wring the excess water out of your hair and let it air dry. Realistically, this can take more time than you can spare, especially if your hair is long. The solution is to use a microfibre towel to speed things along.

There are two reasons why microfibre towels are great. The first is because they create little to no friction. That means they do little to no damage to your hair. The second is because they are really absorbent. You can buy ready-made microfibre hair turbans but regular microfibre towels can be more flexible.

Three Top Hair Care Tips For The Party Season

Review your hair products

Early autumn can be a great time to review your beauty and skin-care supplies along with your hair care supplies. At a minimum, get rid of any expired products, especially makeup. If a product is hovering around its expiration date, then commit to using it or losing it. It really is better to get rid of expired products than to put them on your body (including your hair).

Similarly, commit to using or losing any part-used products hovering around your home. If you don’t they’re probably going to expire anyway so you might as well move them on. With all that done, have a look at what’s left and think about what you’re going to need for the coming months.

The answer to that question is probably going to be richer, more caring versions of your spring and summer products. Fortunately, these days, you can get salon-quality products at reasonable prices. Take the shampoo from Joico for instance. It’s formulated for salons but affordable enough for you to use it regularly.

Three Top Hair Care Tips For The Party Season

Upgrade your hair accessories

With a bit of luck, you’ll actually be able to go to some real-world parties this year. Face masks may still be involved but your hair will still be on show. Even if you can’t, there’ll almost certainly be Zoom parties and again, your hair will be very much on show.

This can be the time when you’re tempted to pile on the styling products, especially temporary hair colour and glitter. There’s definitely a place for these but your hair will thank you if you keep them to a minimum.

Instead, consider investing in some fun hair accessories. Depending on your style this can mean anything from basic scrunchies to full-on jewelled hair grips. You can also get hair ribbons to add colour and sparkle without dye.

Getting these in advance will make sure you have options at hand when it comes to doing your hair this party season. Similarly, if you can plan your style in advance, you may be able to cut down your use of heated tools and styling products during your usual hair care routine. Your hair will thank you for it!

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