Top Things To Know Before You Start A Beauty Blog

Top Things To Know Before You Start A Beauty Blog

September 13, 2021

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Creating a beauty blog is an easy and fun way to share your knowledge and secrets with a wide audience while trying new products from world-renowned brands in the world of cosmetics and style. To succeed in this niche, you just need to follow some basic recommendations, and we are going to share them all with you. In this post, we will show you how to start a beauty blog and do blogging effectively.

#1 – Decide on a Niche for Your Beauty Blog

Before starting a blog, you need to decide on its narrow niche and format. Since the beauty industry is a highly competitive environment with thousands of cosmetic companies and other bloggers, it is critically important that you find your relatively unique niche and format. Creating a beauty blog “about everything” is doomed to failure. However, a blog specialising in a narrow theme has a good chance to succeed. After all, you can always expand your reach.

Here are some of the directions that you can follow with your beauty blog:

  • You have a specific skin type, complexion, or features that you would like to advise on skincare;
  • You have unique makeup skills to share or want to focus on a narrow product type;
  • You know old proven recipes for masks, healing creams, serums, etc.;
  • You want to review new products and cooperate with other beauty bloggers in the future.

Creative and unexpected beauty blog ideas will not be superfluous when mapping out your niche. There are thousands of unrevealed themes and subgenres under the beauty-blog umbrella, including hair care, nails, manicure, and cosmetics. 

#2 – Create a Unique Name for Your Beauty Blog

Choosing a name for your blog is a crucial step. You want readers to understand who you are, what the blog is about, and why they should read your posts. Therefore, it is critically important to pick the right name for your blog. Check what other bloggers use, follow their examples, write down a couple of options, and choose the name that you associate with your blog most of all. Keeping an eye on your competitors is also a good way to avoid the mistakes they have made.

Branding and positioning are the important aspects to run a blog and create an effective marketing strategy. Aim to keep your blog title and URL as similar as possible; there should be an exact match so that readers can easily find you.

Top Things To Know Before You Start A Beauty Blog

#3 – Choose a Platform for Your Beauty Blog

A beauty blog is a visual blog that comes with lots of videos and photos. And a free platform will hardly cope with this type of content. Therefore, you should consider powerful and stable solutions for your beauty blog. Give preference to user-friendly solutions that are easy to set up, come with many functions and available plugins. 

To expand your target audience cover, you can run a beauty blog on different platforms. For example, you can have a YouTube channel, accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, or use Facebook Ads Manager. You can also create a separate website where you share content with your audience. The only important thing is that you use the same name for all your accounts and channels on different platforms.

#4 – Think About Content Production & Planning

Once you are done with all the above steps, you are ready to start your beauty blog. The next step is content planning and production. Producing random pieces of content and making random posts will hardly bring your blog to the top. Content relevance, quality, consistency, and uniqueness will make you a leader. 

So here is what you need to keep in mind when you start working on the data core for your blog:

  • SEO – understand and collect the keywords that will help you find topics for your articles;
  • Scheduling – use a content calendar to organise future posts when starting a beauty blog, as it can help you stay on top of the latest trends and avoid hasty last-minute posts. If you know a new product is coming soon, be sure to schedule a review;
  • Content diversity – make sure there are different types of content under the roof of your blog. Make attractive photos, write informative texts, record entertaining videos with WeVideo – all this will help you make sure that your audience is interested and never gets bored.
Top Things To Know Before You Start A Beauty Blog

#5 – Use Specialised Tools 

There are different tools and top software solutions that you can use to maintain and promote your blog. Thus, Movavi or Canva will help you create beautiful visuals for your blog. The tools specific to these platforms will come in handy when you decide to get into blog content. 

Even without having expensive photographic equipment at hand, you will take wonderful pictures using your smartphone. Alternatively, you can use stock photo sites, such as Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Shutterstock, and many more.

#6 – Develop and Promote a Beauty Blog

Creating an interesting beauty blog is half the battle unless the world knows about it. This is especially relevant if you want to drive traffic, start making money on posts, and get paid for reviewing products. To expand the army of your reader,  you should communicate with your audience, ask where people come from, what they like, and what you should improve. The way to do this is to encourage your readers to leave comments and reviews. Blog analytics and plugins are also a way to determine how readers arrive on your site and which posts are popular.

To attract new readers, use multiple channels and link them to each other. Be sure to create an Instagram account, make regular videos with Animoto for your YouTube channel, etc. The way to promote blog posts is to use Pinterest, mention blog posts in Instagram captions, link blog posts in Instagram descriptions, participate in Twitter discussions, and join Facebook beauty blogger communities, use relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts.

Make Your Beauty Blog Rock!

Although the beauty niche is already overcrowded, you still have a chance to make your blog rock if you know how to become a beauty blogger. All you need to do is to follow the above recommendations, stay tuned to fresh industry news, and do not be afraid to experiment. Be armed with special marketing tools and instruments.

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