Why Fresh Beauty Will Always Be My Favorite Skincare Brand

Why Fresh Beauty Will Always Be My Favorite Skincare Brand

May 29, 2024


There are so many skincare brands I have tried and tested over the years, but none of them quite have my heart like Fresh does. I first discovered them back in 2022 after the release of their Tea Elixir serum, and I have been hooked ever since. Making time for self care, especially looking after my skin is often the first thing to fall by the wayside when life gets too busy, but I have come to terms with the fact skincare isn’t a chore when you actually love the products you are using.

I use several products from their range on my face and body every day, and they keep my skincare routine smooth, simple, and most importantly, enjoyable. Let’s talk about why I believe they are so special as a brand, what makes them so appealing, and the products I love the most.

About The Brand

I’ve been using Fresh for years now, but the brand itself has been on the market for much longer. Fresh was founded in 1991 and started as a company with only one product: a delicious hand-wrapped soap. When the founders saw how well that one product did, they pushed ahead with creating a natural ingredient-focused skincare brand that was different from anything else available. Fresh’s slogan is “a journey in every jar,” and boy, is it accurate. My skincare journey has been so much better since Fresh became a part of it!

Why I Love Fresh So Much

There are so many reasons to love this brand that we could be here all day! In the interest of time, I’ll narrow it down to my favorite things about Fresh.

  • Each product the brand makes — from the oh so popular Fresh face cleanser to scented lip balm and black tea moisturizer — is backed by science that proves the efficacy of the product and its ingredients. Fresh products are thoroughly tested, and the results clearly show that they do what they say they will.
  • Fresh focuses on using as many natural ingredients as possible. What you’re putting on your body matters, and the brand knows that. Their natural ingredients are better for your body and better for the plant than the harsh chemicals that many other brands use.
  • The brand cares about the planet and sustainability. They make every effort to minimize packaging where they can (plastic bottles and tubes do not come in cardboard packaging), and 56% of the paper packaging they use is certified as coming from responsibly managed forests. According to Fresh’s website, their goal is to ensure that all their packaging is created from recycled materials by 2025. 
  • Many of their products are available in a range of sizes (travel, full, or jumbo), meaning that they are available at a range of price points to suit every wallet. When you purchase the largest size, you save on tossing out more than one empty bottle and get serious value for money.
  • I spend a lot of time on social media (who doesn’t love a good scroll?), and Fresh’s social media is really community-focused. They share content created by everyday customers and the influencers they work with. It makes you feel as though this company really has a heart rather than just being another huge company that wants your money.

My Favorite Fresh Products

These are the Fresh products I use daily and why I love them SO much:

The Sugar Lemon Body Lotion

Oh my goodness, the way my body rejoices when I smooth this gorgeous, lemony lotion on every day! Even in the depths of winter, this lotion makes me feel like I’m sitting under a lemon tree in full bloom. The richness of the lotion means that it offers a seriously moisturizing experience, but it’s lightweight enough to sink easily into your skin without requiring an arm workout to get it absorbed. The Vitamin C and E in the formula keep my skin healthy, hydrated, and happy.

FRESH Sugar Lemon Body Lotion

The Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum

Anti-aging anything is a must in your 30s, and this little serum is the perfect way to include it in your routine. It’s the first product I ever purchased from the brand and it works so well for me because it’s a quick and simple application of a few drops before your moisturizer. My skin has never been so glowy and it really does work to minimize those pesky fine lines, especially around my eye area.

Lotus Youth Preserve Line & Texture Smoothing Day Cream

I love this rich and nourishing face cream as a follow-up to the tea elixir. The formula’s antioxidants help stave off wrinkles and keep my complexion incredibly smooth. It’s the perfect moisturizer to use before you apply makeup because it sinks quickly into your skin and doesn’t pill at all when you smooth on foundation and concealer.

Sugar Coconut Hydrating Lip Balm

My lips often get dry and chapped in the winter, and I’d never been able to find the right solution for this seasonal issue — until I discovered the balm to end all balms. This rich, fragrant lip balm is the only thing that has ever helped restore my lips to a smooth, kissable condition. Plus, it smells so delicious that you can’t stop using it. My bestie has the caramel scented one and I will most definitely be purchasing it when this one runs out.

Why You Should Try Fresh

These products are so good for my skin, and the brand is good for the environment, too — which is something we should all be doing. I love Fresh for its simplicity and how it makes me feel about myself. I can confidently leave the house makeup-free because my skin looks fantastic and that’s something worth raving about.

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