Makeup Tips for Women with Dark Skin Tones

August 14, 2019

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We all know it’s a struggle to find the right brand or shade of makeup that can work for every skin tone, especially darker skin. Not all brands are made the same and makeup that can work for lighter skin doesn’t often work for darker ones. So below are some makeup tips to take into consideration for those who not only want to perfect their makeup game but worry about doing so with a darker skin tone.

1) Pick the right shade

Lipsticks come in every shade of colour in the universe, just like a rainbow. You have darks, your pales, your pastels, and more. But not every shade of lipstick is going to be your best friend. Instead, look for lipstick for dark skin tones and pick the shades you like the most. Dark colours such as copper brown, reds, and even lighter and paler colours such as pink or peach blend well with dark skin tones. Picking out the right shade is sort of a guessing match, use colours that you know have worked in the past and try to pick shades in the same colour region or go wild and try swatches of lipstick on your skin to see which works well with your skin tone.

2) Find the right makeup brand

Seeing your favourite celebrity or internet influencer sing the praises of a makeup brand doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. Not only are they most certainly being paid or compensated for their endorsement, but their skin type also might not be the same as yours. Find companies that support and make makeup shades for those with different skin tones. From there, read reviews from real customers to determine if the brand is worth trying.

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3) Your complexion isn’t the same shade

Don’t worry, everyone makes this mistake when they decide to pick one singular foundation out and apply it all over their skin with disastrous results. The human face is complex; our actual complexions even more difficult. Our faces are like paintings, you don’t use one singular colour to paint a skin tone, instead, multiple colours are used to make the dazzling array that is us. That also applies to makeup, when you’re trying to match foundation it’s recommended to start from the centre of your face and then move outwards. The further outwards from the face you go, the more areas of the skin are going to be different as they’re more often exposed to the elements of nature. Meaning the skin away from the centre of your face is going to need a different foundation.

4) Test shades of your jawline

Your jawline is your best friend. Uncertain what sorts of shade to use? Test it out on your jawline, you’ll not only find a colour that’ll match your skin but a shade that quickly will become your best friend. There are multiple makeup brands out there that work for all different shades and skin tone, just try them out on your jaw and see which one works.

5) Play with colour

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the tips on this list and go out and be daring. Try out whatever colour pleases you or even makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to try every colour available to you on the spectrum. Play around and see what works; even if it fails you can make your own rules and determine what is good for you.

Finding makeup that’s right for you is difficult for any woman, but women of colour arguably have it a little harder. However, a little bit of trial and error on top of putting a few useful tips into practice can help any woman find the right makeup for their skin type.

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