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Back To School | Oh Lord! The laundry!

September 20, 2018

I’m not one to exaggerate or be dramatic in any way, but is anyone else…

Literally. Drowning. In. Laundry?

Don’t answer in the comments. I know you are, and if you’re not, I don’t want to know that either. What happens when the children go back to school? It doesn’t really make sense, does it? You’d think with them being at home 24/7 over the summer months there’d be more clothes to clean during July and August.

Not the case. Not one bit.

As soon as September hits, the wash basket becomes the bane of my life.

A cup on a counter

It may just be that you know you have to wash everything over the weekend to ensure all the uniforms are fresh and pressed and ready to go Monday morning. It’s relentless. The washing just doesn’t let you live your best life.

Of course, that’s on top of all of the extra stuff they have to wear during the week. Every extra-curricular has its own uniform. What’s that about?

Whether it’s gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, football, Brownies, Scouts, whatever, if you’re paying for the pleasure of your child taking part in wholesome activities, you’re also paying for some extra laundry. Just saying.

A woman’s got to work. And so have Dad’s but in our house, it’s very much me who tackles the laundry basket – although they are all kind enough to bring it to the washing machine for me. Whether it would be a routine thing or an odd treat, I’d very much love for the washing to be taken out of my hands from time to time.

Laundry and Washing

When I say out of my hands, I mean out of my house. I don’t even want to hear the draining buzz of the spin cycle.

I want to pretend laundry isn’t a thing. Have a cup of tea on a Saturday and not dread the beep of the completed cycle.

I’d love to make a Sunday dinner and not juggle the roasting tray on my fingertips while dragging the underwear bag along the kitchen floor with my toes.

Imagine. That would be the life.

Thankfully, LaundryHeap is around to give a mum a hand. With additional stubborn stains from footie practice, school crafts, and even the odd crusty bit of school dinner, LaundryHeap is here to take the load off family life, providing laundry services with delivery. A leading on-demand service in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry. They collect and deliver orders within 24 hours to wherever it is needed or convenient – home, the office or even your hotel. Bookings can easily be made online via their website or the mobile app. I don’t even think I have a full load of laundry washed, dried and ironed in 24 hours! So not only time-saving, it’s quicker too!

Whether you use the time to take the stress out of coordinating all your after-school club runs, or you just enjoy a well-earned day to yourself over the weekend, from one mother to another, give LaundryHeap a go. 

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