Why You Need Whole Home Water Filtration

September 15, 2020

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Year after year, millions of Americans waste hundreds to thousands of dollars on bottled water. This may seem like a colossal waste, but many people are ready and willing to do so. But why? Most comment that they don’t like the taste of regular tap water, or that their home’s water just has an off-putting flavour. If this sounds like something you go through, but are an avid water drink and tired of forking out the money for a resource you already have, water filtration systems might be worth the investment.

It is something to note that a whole home water filtration system is different from the smaller units you hook up to a sink. The primary difference is a complete home water filtration filters all water coming into your home. Bell Plumbing and Heating is one of the top plumbers offering whole-home filtrations, that purify customers’ water supply up to 99.9%. This means no matter if you are using the sink or the tub, even the toilet bowl water, will be fresh and clean. Take a look at just a few reasons more homeowners choose total home systems. 

Save Money

Imagine cutting your water bottle expense in half, if not eliminating it. Invest in a reusable water bottle, and you’ll be living the ‘green’ lifestyle on top of saving money. On average, the typical person can save $100 annually. Compound that year after year, and the savings can really add up.

home water filtration system
Female holding a glass of clean water via a home water filtration system. Purified water and a healthy life concept.

Improved Taste

Most people avoid tap water due to its taste. Whether it has a metallic flavour or something more off-putting, a home filtration system can eliminate those unwanted flavours. A carbon filter can completely change how you see and taste your home’s water. When it comes to drinkability, the taste is everything, and you won’t find a better glass than those that have proper filtration.

Remove Hard Water

Do you have hard water stains from your water supply? This is often noticeable on sinks or if you’re washing your car using the household water supply. Hard water can also be left on dishes after a trip through the dishwasher. Hard water stains will look dingy and dull, and the most well-known symptom is spotty. Though some detergents and tricks can resolve hard water, having a home filtration system installed is the most straightforward approach.

home water filtration system
Glasses of dirty and clear water and filter cartridges to domestic water osmosis systems at modern kitchen background. Concept of the home water filtration.

Eliminate Contaminants 

Have you noticed weird floating things in your water? This is not only unappetizing; it can cause you to question the quality and drinkability of your water. Many types of contaminants can be present, ranging from lead to rust. Lead, which is undetectable, can cause serious health risks, including lead poisoning that is deadly. A whole-home water filtration system can completely eliminate harmful contaminants up to 99.9%. 

DIY Versus Plumber Installation

There are many things a homeowner can tackle on their own. You can hang pictures, troubleshoot what’s wrong with a drain, not clearing, but when it comes to home water filtration, a lot can go wrong. What if you don’t install it correctly, and the unit leaks? Those leaks can lead to water damage under your sink or utility room. Instead, hiring a Denver plumber for all your plumbing needs, including water filtration installation, can save you time and money, while giving you peace of mind.

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