Keep condensation at bay with Kärcher

The experts in household cleaning have the effortless solution to getting rid of condensation as the weather gets colder this winter.

With the cold weather drawing in and the heating turned up, Kärcher has the ultimate solution to eliminating unwelcome condensation from windows in the home.

Kärcher’s range of Window Vacs mean that it has never been easier to help you prevent damage to windows and surrounding areas by removing condensation in one quick motion. Ensuring that condensation is dealt with is vital in the colder months of the year, as unwanted moisture can lead to mould, damp walls, and ceilings, rotting window sills and frames. By using a Kärcher Window Vac, homeowners can ensure that multiple parts of the home remain in good condition and the effects of condensation are kept at bay.

The range of Window Vacs take the hassle out of achieving that spotless finish, whether it be your windows or your shower screen, your mirror or your tiles. Simply spray the surface with detergent, wipe it off and vacuum the water away.

The Kärcher range keeping condensation at bay

The full range includes a selection of accessories to cater for every cleaning need, including a narrow vacuum head accessory, detergent applicator, replacement blades and extension pole, perfect for getting rid of condensation in hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling windows and conservatories.

Kärcher WV1

Kärcher Window Vacs range keeping condensation at bay

The Kärcher WV1 is an innovative handheld window cleaner that effortlessly sucks up moisture and leaves surfaces streak-free, clean and dry. This versatile handheld device makes window cleaning easy, and it’s great for everyday condensation too. The 250mm cleaning head leaves shower screens, tiles and mirrors sparkling clean, and you can even use it for sucking up liquid spills from floors and worktops. The Kärcher WV1 is rechargeable, lightweight and easy to use, with a powerful lithium-ion battery that can clean up to 45 windows in just one charge.

Price: RRP £39.99
Availability: Kärcher / Amazon

Kärcher WV2 Plus

Kärcher Window Vacs range keeping condensation at bay

The Kärcher WV2 Plus is rechargeable, lightweight and easy to use, with a powerful lithium-ion battery that can clean up to 54 windows in just one charge. Includes a spray bottle, microfiber cloth and detergent. This versatile tool isn’t just for windows – it’s ideal for tackling all kinds of cleaning jobs around the home, with a wide cleaning head that’s ideal for shower screens and tiles.

Price: RRP £59.99
Availability: Kärcher / Amazon

Kärcher WV5 Premium

Kärcher Window Vacs range keeping condensation at bay

The WV5 Premium is the ultimate window cleaning partner and boasts an impressive 40% additional run time over the WV2, this together with its exchangeable battery function allows you the option for endless cleaning. The edge guidance on its head has been developed so you can manually adjust it to provide the best ever results for edge cleaning. The product also comes with an additional narrow vacuum head, spray bottle with micro-fibre cloth and cleaning concentrate.

Price: RRP £79.99
Availability: Kärcher / Amazon

Kärcher Window Vac extension pole

The Window Vac extension pole is the perfect accessory for use on those hard to reach areas, such as high windows and conservatories. The Window Vac slots into the extension pole guaranteeing a streak-free finish for windows all over your house.

Price: RRP £44.99
Availability: Kärcher / Amazon

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