A bedroom with a wooden floor

Five reasons you need your own home sauna

December 21, 2018

(Need? Deserve more like!)

If you’re still not convinced that what you need right now is a room in your house hotter than the rest of your house put together, here are five reasons why you should get a sauna right now:

A bedroom with a wooden floor

Getting Hygge With It

Scandinavians know a thing or two about getting cosy. Whether it’s the Danes snuggling up in front of an open fire with a cup of hot chocolate; or the one in three Finns who spend not just the long winter, but most of the short summer too, in their own home saunas.

The Scandinavians brought us Abba, Nordic noir and Sandi Toksvig, so they must know what they’re doing.

They may be hot but they look so cool

You think your home looks cool now? Wait till you add a sauna. Then it will be so cool it’s on fire. (Not literally, saunas are all about the steam…)

But whether you go for a stylish tiled steam room or a traditional wood-panelled sauna (birch twigs optional), your new sauna will add value to your home and to your life.

And your friends and neighbours will be banging on your door to warm up with you. (Make sure they bring their own towel.)

Steamy social life

Getting Scandi with it doesn’t mean sitting on your own getting hot under the collar reading Karl Ove Knausgård – because saunas are social.

So, get your significant other and get steamy, or get your friends round and sweat away the stress of the day.

Whoever you choose to share your new home sauna with is up to you. But you’ll soon find that we are all equal under the steam.

A wooden cutting board, with Sauna and Steam

It’s all healthy

Everyone knows that a good steam in your own sauna is more relaxing than an evening out on the town, or a night slumped in front of your favourite shows with an extra-large pepperoni and wine.

But doctors also recognise the health benefits.

Regular saunas are great for your cardiovascular system (so step away from the pizza now).

Increased circulation will ease away aches and pains, reducing muscular soreness and even arthritic problems.

Steam can help with asthma or respiratory problems, opening airways and loosening phlegm (Okay, now I’ve finally put you off that pizza.)

And studies in Finland have shown that regular saunas may also significantly decrease the risk of heart attacks, and even Alzheimer’s.

Good clean fun

And is if that wasn’t enough, you’ll come out of your own sauna looking like a million euros. (That’s even more than a million dollars!)

You will literally be glowing, your skin will look amazing, and all those blocked pores will have vanished with all your cares.

So, throw off your clothes, throw some water on the coals, sit back and steam – you do deserve this!

Sauna and Room

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